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For those that are looking for where to invest their stipend or asking about how they can invest with as low as 10,000 and get reasonable interest at any time. If you wish to use your capital to drive impact and returns then you are already in the right place. I will quickly explain how to do all these and more below.

What is MPAY?

MPAY is a simple and reliable investment package built on products and services at is an automated platform that makes it possible for people to convert airtime to cash and accept airtime for payment for products and services. is operated by IBK Information Technology

iPayAirtime allows you to make a gain of 10% interest on your capital in 30 days that is #1,000 on your 10,000 invested revenue for 30 days. In fact, u can withdraw your money at any time but remember Minimum withdrawal is N100 and instant bank transfer fee is #60 would be applied. If you invest 10,000 naira, you will be rewarded with 11,000 naira.  Far better than keeping your fund in your bank account at getting #35 at the end of the month (Nonsense).

You can start your investment with as little as 10,000 naira or more.


How Does MPAY Pay You?
MPAY pays you from the total daily returns from transactions on the platform.

What is the Interest Rate?
You get 10% interest on your capital in 30days.

How Do I Get Returns?
Your returns are credited daily to your MPAY wallet for 30days.
For instance, if you invested ₦10,000, you will get ₦366.67 credited to your wallet for 30days which will give you a total of ₦11,000.

How Do I Withdraw Returns?
You are able to withdraw your returns everyday from your MPAY wallet directly to your bank account. No need to wait for 30days.

How Fast is the Withdrawal?
Withdrawal is instant and funds will get to your bank account in minutes. The platform is 99% automated.

What is the Minimum and Maximum Deposit?
Minumum deposit is ₦10,000 and maximum deposit is ₦100,000.

Can I Deposit Multiple Funds?
Yes you can. Each deposit will run separately but the returns will still be credited to your wallet.

Can I Run Multiple MPAY accounts?
That's not neccessary since you can deposit multiple funds. We advice that you run a single account.

How Do I Deposit Funds to MPAY account?
Fund deposit is via cash payment, mobile or internet banking transfer directly to our company corporate's account.

How Do I Open an MPAY Account?
You can open an MPAY account here. It's instant.

Any Registration Fee?
No registration fee.

How Long Does it Take to Credit My MPAY Account?
It is usually between 5-10 minutes. You can call 08103966224 for any delay or issue.

Is There Referral Commission?
Yes. Our referrals enjoy 1.5% commission from deposits of their downlines.

NOTE: Use This Sponsor ID: Adeb0c5fd1dd DURING registration

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Looking for a sure way to get returns for your capital without hassle? MPAY is your best bet!


Please do not send me messages asking me to explain MPAY... Read this post well and if you are finding it difficult during registration, chat me up on Whatsapp only: +2348068930609
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