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How to register for the NPOWER FG 500K Techers Job | Empowering Nigerian Youths for Prosperity

Teacher Corps is for the engagement of 500,000 unemployed graduates in the following areas: N-Power Agro, N-Power Health, N-Power Teach, N-Power Community Education. The name says it and you'll know which area would best suit you.

Why I brought this to the Tech Solution Centre is because, the program is not just about teachers, it is also an opportunity for Techy savvy folks to be engage while pursuing their passion. The area best suited for the tech guys is the N-Power Knowledge which is for both graduates and non-graduates. The number required is 10,000 Nigerian youths to be engaged in the following areas: N-Power Creative, N-Power Tech hardware, N-Power tech Software Also, the N-Power Build covers these areas building services, construction, building environment services, utilities, automative, aluminium and gas hoping to catch in 75,000 Nigerians for both graduates and non-graduates. Click to see the full story here otherwise see the procedure and requirements for registration below Age bracket is between 18 – 35 years old. You already know which area you fit in so let’s go on to how to register for the FG 500k teachers’ job on
Simplified Registration Procedures for
Have the following handy: Scanned copy of your passport photogragh (132x170 size) Copy of your qualifications (jpeg) and CV (doc or pdf) Your NYSC Number (Yeah, only for people who have completed their service year)

1)            Click on

2)            You're taken to the homepage with the following headings: N-Power logo, N-Power YouTube Tutorial, N-Power Needs You, and Programs.

3)            Click on PROGRAM 

4)            Clicking on program will highlight the following areas: Teacher Corps, (the enablers ); Knowledge (innovators); Build (the builders )

5)            Assuming you're applying for N-Power agro, click on Teacher corps

6)            You'll see under it Enablers, click on more

7)            Clicking on more will list N-Power agro, Health etc, click on N-Power agro.

8)            Under it you will see overview (what the area is all about) course details, criteria (whether you have the requirements ) etc

9)            Scroll down, you'll see Apply Apply means you need to register first so go to the next step and create an account. You will be required to supply the following information to create the account: Username, valid email address, password.

10)         Click on register after supplying the above info in step 9

11)         After confirmation of account creation, sign out then login again to upload your docs If after supplying username, email, password you click on register and you're told: YOUR USERNAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS IS ALREADY REGISTERED. It means your registration is already recognized. Don't worry, scroll down and click on LOGIN using the same username or email and your password, You'll get access to the portal. So head straight to your area of interest to upload your docs and info

12)         To login, go to where you saw “REGISTER” but this time, do not click register, you will see “LOGIN” under it, click on it.

13)         After successful login, you will see “STEP 1 of 5”.

14)         That's the stage you'll have to provide the necessary Info about you including your qualifications.

15)         If your passport is rejected, resize it with Paint application on PC. Open the passport with paint application, click CONTROL+W on your keyboard, you will see option of resize by percentage or pixel, click on pixel, change the number in horizontal to 132, vertical to 170, click ok and save the new size, you are good to go. N*B: If the box is not allowing you to input the number, untick the box that has *maintain aspect ratio*, input the 132 and 170 then save.
16)         After you're done, click on Submit. That's all, you'll be contacted, but be patient. Best of luck.

According to info on the N-Power portal, the successful applicants will begin work on August 1,2016

For N-Power knowledge and N-Power build, when you sign in their links are missing. Use this to apply instead

for N-Power knowledge,
for N-Power build,

This links are to be used after you have signed in.
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