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Mobile Money From Diamond Y'ello Account/MTN Partinership | How to Open

Diamond Bank and MTN have come together to provide a mobile money service which I believe will answer the need of all Ecommerce entrepreneurs whose business has been limited by Poor payment system in Nigeria.  I have just setup an account and I can say it is very fast to complete.  As you will receive your new NUBAN account in less than 3 minutes.  MTN in partnership with Diamond Bank provides you with a simple banking platform called “Diamond Y’ello Account” A mobile money service that will answer all the E-commerce entrepreneurs whose business has been limited by poor payment system in our great country Nigeria.   Without the troubles of time consuming documentation requirements (all registered MTN customers are automatically eligible) or the difficulty of finding or getting to bank branches, as the DYA is easily accessible through Diamond Bank Agents.

HOT!!! MTN Unlimited Call Rocks Again with Just 50Naira Daily, 200Naira Weekly | 2015

HOT!!! MTN Unlimited Call Rocks Again with Just 50Naira Daily, 200Naira Weekly | 2015
MTN Zone, Tru Talk or iPulse new offer rocks again! For those that missed the N33,600.00 MTN Bonus Offer at the very beginning of this Month August 2015, According to my recent post MTN UNLIMITED CALL WITH JUST 30NAIRA FINALITY TERMINATED BY MTN.  Then MTN promise us to watch out for other fantastic offers. I’m happy to tell you that MTN Unlimited Call is back again with a little token of money which is initially was N5000 but it has been reduced to minimum and avoidable price so don't miss out again.  Make sure you have up to N50 for the daily surprise or N200 for the weekly surprise on your phone, now dial this code *142*3*1# and follow the response message to get the offer (Airtime). You should finish the Airtime on/before 11:50pm if you opt in for daily.  If you are eligible.  Yes, if you are eligible you will receive it instantly Just Follow the steps below:
Yes, this MTN offer is opened to everybody including those people that enjoyed the first offer.  You can follow the steps bellow to activate your own today.

Dial *142*3*1# you’ll receive a response message as:
Try again…. 
1.     Pay N50 and enjoy FREE MTN to MTN calls daily        
        Note: If you reply with one(1) then you are activating for daily plan 
        Airtime Bonus:     N4,800
2.     Pay N200 and enjoy FREE MTN TO MTN Calls for 7 days 
        Note:  If you reply with two(2) then you will activating for 7days 
        Airtime Bonus:     N20,000
1.     Activate
2.     Deactivate
3.     Check Bundle
0.     Back 00. Main Menu

After Successful Activation, you’re going to receive a response message as Follow:

Response Message
Hello, you can now call MTN to MTN numbers for as long as you like, N4,000.00 ACCESS FEE HAS BEEN DEDUCTED FROM YOUR ACCOUNT.  Offer valid till 11:59PM today.

Check Account Balance:  *559*4#

NOTE:  This is definitely not a Cheat "we don't even post cheats on this blog" and your bonus credits won't be wiped before validity but like every thing from MTN,  is an offer for genuine MTN Nigeria subscribers.  Offer Ends Till further Notice, they have the right to suspend the service at anytime.  Remember, terms and conditions always apply.

For Latest Information on your GSM kindly visit

N:B:  You don’t have to doubt if this is real or not…..Just try it out.  If it doesn’t works as stated above and more…or if you don’t absolutely love MTN and have more easy way of making unlimited call….just let us know through the comment section below.  But if it works great, why not share with others.

Hot!!! How to Get 100MB MTN Data Bundle for Just N100 | PROJECT FAME ALL NEW DATA BUNDLE

Hot!!! How to Get 100MB MTN Data Bundle for Just N100 | PROJECT FAME ALL NEW DATA BUNDLE
In a bid to get viewer to never miss the ever hot musical event proudly powered by MTN (Project Fame West Africa), the telecoms giant have launched a crazy bundle which would serve just right, and is valid for 7days.  The bundle called MTN Project fame bundle gives you 100MB for just N100 for 7days surfing.  Project Fame website, which is now optimized for mobile experience comes with MTN special data bundle that gives you the opportunity to watch more content at reduced data rates.
To get this crazy offer, simply text SMS “PFW” to 131.  You can also check your data bundle by texting “PFB” to 131.  If you are a project fame addict and would love to keep tab of the musical journey, then simply logon to the 100MB would give you a good quality minutes of streaming.  Enjoy!.

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Hot!!! 2go 3gb MTN Data With Simple Server | Get Free 60mb+3gb MTN Data 2015

Hot!!! 2go 3gb MTN Data With Simple Server | Get Free 60mb+3gb MTN Data 2015
You might have heard of the old 2go 3GB trick that requires IMEI Tweaking, well it’s back and better with a lot of goodies.  Before we get started I assume you know how to tweak IMEI, if you don’t please See 1.  How to Tweak IMEI Number on Android Phone If you’ve read about it and know the way round goto No. 2 below.  Are you tired of paying too much money for data bundles?  If your answer to that question is yes and you us an MTK Android Device (Tecno, Infinix, Wiko, Gionee) then today is your lucky day because I plan on teaching you a tweak through which you can Get Unlimited MTN Data by Changing your Android IMEI if you are smart enough and my guess is “You are quite smart, right?”.
With this tweak you can kiss buying Data Plans goodbye, truth be told if haven’t bought a single data plan for months now and I have never for once lacked Data (I mean always online).  How? You may ask, By Tweaking my IMEI!!!.
By tweaking, I mean changing my IMEI number.  By changing your IMEI number you are able to enjoy Unlimited MTN or Glo Data Opportunities.

Let me explain this process with an example.
In Nigeria, when you purchase an Infinix Hot Note you are entitled to 2015MB of MTN Data, if you don’t want to buy the device but you also want to enjoy the 2015mb, all you have to do is change the IMEI Number of your phone to that of an Infinix Hot Not and then you send the assigned command and you will get the 2015MB.

Let me explain how this is possible:
Every mobile phone and modem have a unique 15-digit IMEI Number, It’s just like finger prints of a phone.  No two phones have the same IMEI Number, but phones of the same brand usually having the same starting sequence.
E.g – All Infinix Hot Note IMEI start with 358429063 that is what I call the identification number.  So when you change your IMEI number to something like “3584290630360721” and send the command.  When MTN or any other telecom company which we plan to tweak sees the identification number which is “358429063” they assume you use a hot not and you are given your data.
Now I believe you understand How IMEI Works, So let’s head on to the process of Changing Your IMEI number

To do this we need to install two apps.
*        IMEI AnalyzerDownload Here
*        MTK Engineering Mode StartDownload Here

First we start with the IMEI Analyser.

The IMEI is a very delicate number so you can’t just randomly generate numbers and tweak you have to first analyse it.
This is how we do that;

Let me use the Infinix hot not example again.
First we get the identifying number of the phone we want to change to.
“358429063” the first nine digits of an imei number are the legit numbers the rest can be tweaked but do not change the first nine digits.
After getting the first nine, you randomly add any 5 numbers.
So we have 14 digits now.  “35842906312345” remaining one more number.
This last number is called the “check digit” so it cannot be randomly added.  If you do, you’ll end up having a bogus IMEI number that doesn’t work.

This Is Where the IMEI Analyser comes to play.

Now open your IMEI Analyser and input the 14 numbers we have gotten into the box provided.  And click analyse.
It will analyze it and give you the complete IMEI number including the check digit.
How to Change Android IMEI
After you’ve gotten the full IMEI, write it down, close IMEI Analyser and open MTK Engineering Mode.

After opening MTK Engineering Mode
Click on MTK Setting
Then, swipe your screen to the left to view more options.
Then select CDS Information
How to change IMEI Number
Then select radio Information.

Then select phone 1 if you want to change the imei for SIM 1 or phone 2 for SIM 2.
Press E on your Keypad it will drop down some options,

For sim 1 select: AT+EGMR =1,7,””
For Sim 2 select: AT+EGMR=1,10,””

After that put the new imei between the “” like this AT+EGMR=1,7,”358429063123457” Then put a space in between AT and + so it appears like this AT+EGMR=1,7,”358429063123457”
Then press sendAT command.
A message should pop up saying “At Command is msent”.
After that toggle your phones’s airplane mode ON then OFF.
Your imei should have changed *#06# to check.

Note:  I strongly advice you copy your phones original imei before changing

Tweak this IMEI: 864981012545345
MessageLYTE to 131
Dial: You can check your 3GB MTN data via *559*6# or *131*4#
Now you have to Install Simpleserver.

Remember you need to edit the setting in Simpleserver with the one listed below:

Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
Injection Method: get
Injection query/url: ZZbedfgGaeBCekQvI/
Injection Host:
Injection Line: press your enter key 4 times
Buffer size: 8092
Concurrent connection: 10
Log level: debug

Close the settings and click the start sever…Then start browsing for free.

You can also use AUTOPROXY

You don’t have to doubt if this is real or not….Just get the software and try it out.  If it doesn’t works as stated above and more….or if you don’t absolutely love it and have more fun using to Browse…just let us know through the comment section below.  But if it works great, why not share with others. 

Ooops! MTN Unlimited Call with just 30Naira Finality Terminated

MTN 2 MTN free calling credit has stopped working on all sim presently so don’t be surprise or shocked when your call bonus card is being wipe out or disappear and unable to renew the service.  As you know that this offer was open to MTN network throughout Nigeria, according to the current information reaching is that there is no MTN 2 MTN free calling credit again until further notice but it is valid until the last day of your own expiration date, if you still haven the bonus on your line.
See also: What’s is MTN 2 MTNFree Call?

NOTE:  The code still works very well on all tariff plans but no free service again, for you to enjoy the one for N30 for 7days which cost you just N5,000 which looks obnoxious (you laugh!) so also here.
If you are MTN family you should be able to enjoy the offer again so don’t be discourage it only cost you token of N5,000.

When is another offer coming up?

Wow! That is a great question but presently there is no bonus offer until further notice, with the recent information from MTN center this morning, we made to understand that this special offer ends this August ending.  So, please watch out for other fantastic offers from MTN.

Since this MTN 2 MTN free calling credit offer has expired, if you need low call rate you can migrate to better plan on MTN e.g
MTN Zone, Click Here MTN TruTalk


MTN mega premier lotto award on mobile is another package on MTN which allow you to become millionaire within just a limited time.  MTN has come with another block buster mega premier lotto package which you can enjoy at your door step, you don’t have to go to any center before you can play your lotto again.  Baba Ijebu is one of the popular mega premier lotto star in Nigeria which has contributed more to many peoples life in term of financial empowerment, it is a popular lotto which is approved widely by government.
You don’t need to carry last
Don’t dull yourself because the opportunity lost may not be regain forever so grab it today and launch yourselves into millionaire family.  I want to give you simple steps on how to get started with this MTN mega premier lotto right from your MTN line/sim so just relax and follow below steps.
1.       On your mobile phone just dial *755# and you will get a message like this (Your MTNTrutalk account bal is: 0.00; Play Baba Ijebu on the phone.  Dial *755#)

2.        Select an option to agree the terms and condition. (Do you accept TS CS?)


3.        If the select option is 1(one) then you get this message from MTN, welcome to Premier Lotton Mobile Gaming. Are you 18 years and above?
            1.        Yes
            2.        No

To play, check winning numbers or redeem your winnings, dial *309# (MTN Subscribers Only, other network to follow shortly).
You can also watch live draws on African Independent Television (AIT) by 9:55pm daily.
Then follow the other steps that will be require for you to participate in the mega premier lotto mobile.


Never carry last so grab your opportunity now remember human being start dieing at the lack of necessary information.  Kindly enjoy your crazy MTN Mega Premier Lotto on mobile.

You don’t have to doubt if this is real or not….Just try it and see yourselves.  If it doesn’t works as stated above and more…or if you don’t absolutely love it. Just let us know through the comment section below.  But if it works great, why not share with others.

MTN DATA | MTN GoodyBag Social FAQ

MTN GoodyBag Social Bundle is an event based data bundle that allows customers to Share more and follow friends on social media at unbeatable data rates. It grants customers the flexibility of subscribing to a social event data plan that is dedicated strictly to their preferred social media site like facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Eskimi, 2GO, Nimbuzz, WhatsApp etc.
See also:  Hot!!! 2go 3gb MTN Data With Simple Server | Get Free 60mb+3gb MTN Data 2015

Question:  How do I access MTN GoodyBag Social Bundle?

Answer:  Dialing USSD Code *662# displays all available GoodyBag options.

Question:  Can I subscribe to GoodyBag Social Bundle through SMS?

Answer:  Yes, you can send the applicable SMS keyword to 131 to subscribe to the Social Plan.

Question:  What are subscription charges for GoodyBag Social Bundle?

Answer:  Monthly Subscription costs N60 while the weekly subscriptions cost N25.

Question:  Can I subscribe to two or more GoodyBag Social Plans?

Answer:  Yes, you can subscribe to any combination of plans.  E.g you can subscribe to all the plans or select any preferable combination.

Question:  Do I have unlimited data access after subscription to any of the GoodyBag option?

Answer:  No, Fair usage policy of 5MB applies to the weekly social plans while a fair usage policy of 25MB applies to the Monthly plans.

Question:  Will I be able to browse all internet sites or Apps when I subscribe to a GoodyBag social plan?

Answer:  No.  GoodyBag social bundles will only grant internet access to the social network or instant messaging service that you subscribe to.  e.g. Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp will only allow access to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp respectively.

Question:  When my social plan subscription expires, will I have to re-subscribe?

Answer:  Yes.  Our subscription will be auto-renewed if you have available funds in your account, otherwise your subscription will not be auto renewed and you have to manually re-subscribe when you recharge your account.

Question:  How can I unsubscribe from any of the Plans?

Answer:  You can unsubscribe by sending No applicable Keyword to SMS               shortcode – 131. e.g:  No WCM to 131 for WeChat monthly plan or NO WAW       to 131 for WhatsApp weekly bundle.
See also:  Hot!!! 2go 3gb MTN Data With Simple Server | Get Free 60mb+3gb MTN Data 2015



MTN Customer Care is Really Frustrating especially when you get something important to discuss with them!.  Having difficulty reaching MTN Customer Care via 180? This is a Complete Alternative Ways to get in touch with MTN Customer Service Centre and Easy way to make MTN Customer Care Pick your call in time.
MTN Customer Care Twitter:  or
MTN DATA | MTN Official Twitter Account of MTN Nigeria….Tweet handle @MTN180
MTN Customer Care Facebook:
The team is available 24/7, to assist basis to attend to all your enquiries, complaints and basic service needs and resolve issues in good response time.

You can contact us in a number of ways:
*     Dial 180 from an MTN line, 23480310180 from other networks and +23480310180
*          Dial their self-help service 181 from an MTN line, 23480310181 from other networks and +23480310181 from outside the country.

How to Make MTN Customer Care Pick Your Call
As we early on said MTN Customer Care is Really Frustrating especially when you get something important to discuss with them!.


*          Dial 180 on your MTN Line
*          Listen Attentively to What the Automatic Answering Machine is saying
*          It will ask you to change your preferred Language option
*          Change your preferred language to Pidgin by Pressing 6 on your keypad
*          Press 0 to go to Customer Care Agent
*          It begins to Advertise MTN Sim Registration, wait a little and it will be picked by the available representative!.


You must have heard about MTN PULSE which was recently publicized by MTN to be its latest prepaid plan, MTN Pulse comes with new thrilling call rates and free internet access with alternatives to register friends on the same plan MTN Pulse and call them for as low as 10kobe per second after a charge of 58kobo per second for the first minute in the day and free 10MB internet data every week (7 days) for a recharge of N100.

Why Should I migrate to MTN Pulse | Benefits of MTN Pulse
*          Calls at very low prices to other customers on MTN Pulse tariff plan at 8.34k/sec after the first minute.
*          An instant bonus of 10MB data valid for 7 days with the MTN Pulse Bonus’ whenever you recharge with up to N100 airtime
*          Surfing the internet on your mobile with your FREE 10MB data
*          A discounted rate of N3 Per SMS to connect and chat with other MTN Pulse customers
*          Loads of freebies, promotions and discounted offers every week on MTN Y’ellow Friday!.
*          FREE MTN – MTN calls daily during Happy Hour from 12.30am to 4:30am

MTN Pulse Bonus on Recharge

MTN Pulse Bonus on Recharge is a service that offers you FREE 10MB of data for internet browsing after recharging up to N100 on your account.  The FREE 10MB of data is valid for seven days after which it expires on day 7.
You will only receive the FREE 10MB of data one in every seven days no matter the number of times you recharge your account.

For Example:
If you top-up your account with N100 on Monday, you will receive the FREE 10MB of data credited into your account instantly.  If you top-up with another N100 (or any other recharge denomination) the next day, you will not receive the FREE 10MB of data until FREE 10MB expires on day 7.
The moment your FREE 10MB of data expires, you can recharge up to N100 airtime to get another FREE data plan valid for another 7 days.

How MTN Pulse Works?
*          There are NO hidden charges or access fees.  What you see is what you get.
*          For FREE migration of MTN Pulse tariff plan, simply text 406 to 131 to *406# from your phone.
*          You will pay N100 for subsequent migrations within the calendar month (30days).
*          Your first minute of call for the day on the MTN Pulse tariff plan will be charged at 40k/second.
*          Your second minute call on the MTN Pulse tariff plan will be charged 8.34k/second provided the caller and receiver are on the MTN Pulse Plan.
*          Your calls to other MTN numbers not on MTN Pulse tariff plan will be charged at 25k/second.
*          You will be charged 30k/second for calls to other networks.
*          To connect and chat with others on MTN Pulse Chat, text CHAT to 33117 for FREE.
*          To enjoy FREE Happy Hour calls you must have a minimum balance of N100 airtime on your phone.

MTN Pulse Chat Service

If you are already on MTN Pulse plan, you can register for MTN Pulse Chat service to connect and chat with others who are also on the MTN Pulse plan.  You will enjoy a special rate of N5/SMS.
To register for MTN Pulse Chat, simply text CHAT to 33117 at N5 for Pulse customers and you will receive details on how to complete your registration.
Requirements for registering for this service are:

A unique username or ID
Your Location

After you register, you can search for friends and add friends to your chat group.
If you do not want your friends to see you on MTN Pulse Chat, you can hide your MTN Pulse Chat ID from being added by friends and acquaintances.
You will able to cancel your MTN Pulse Chat Subscription at any time by simply sending the keyword “Cancel” to 33117.  To cancel is FREE.Source:


MTN is offering some freebies and we will show you how to enjoy these free calls and browse free on MTN.  The offers are time limited though, so you have to know what to do to qualify and the time to access these free calls and browsing.  This is one of the benefits of the MTN iPulse tarrif plan/package.
How to make free calls on MTN?

Some companies have joined hands together with Media Perspective to offer free calls on MTN for subscribers with the launch of Good Morning Nigeria Initiative.  The initiative is an advert-funded offer to gives 30 minutes of free calls to qualified subscribers to enjoy between the morning hours of 5:00am to 8:00am daily.


According to the sponsors, this is their way of appreciating Nigerians for loyalty and patronage, but the catch here is that you will have to be listening to their mobile adverts (free of course).
Enjoy free 30 minutes calls on MTN by following these steps
1.     Text GMN to 131
2.     From 5:00am, make a straight 3 minutes calls to a MTN number and you will automatically get 30 minutes free to continue on the particular call (if you drop call, that’s all. >> e don finish)

The Question is, How can I browse free on MTN Line without Buying MTN Data

This is totally legit and no fears of it being blocked and the best part is that it is unlimited.  According to the text sent by MTN, the free night browsing is unlimited and can be used to download, stream, updates apps on your devices and open any site.

Enjoy Unlimited Browsing on MTN iPulse by following these Steps

1.         Migrate to MTN iPulse (if you are not already there) by dialing *406# for free.
            Subsequence changes within a month cost N100 only.
2.         Use up to N200 to make calls or send text during the day to qualify.
3.         Wait for the clock to say 1:00am, then restart your phone and start browsing and downloading             for free on MTN.
4.         When it is 5:00am, the free browsing is over.
5.         Enjoy!.
Please drop your comment below.  if it works great, why not share with others.
 MTN Data is Expensive | See Alternative

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