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MTN Zone: Meaning, Benefits, Tariff and Dialing Codes | MTN DATA

MTN Zone is an exciting tariff plan with huge discounts on MTN-to-MTN local calls.  For those who want to know the meaning, benefits and dialing codes to enjoy this money saving plans, continue reading.  You may like to read MTN Zone Trick How to Call other Networks same call rate.
MTN Zone:  Meaning, Benefits, Tariff and Dialing Codes | MTN DATA

What is MTN Zone?

MTN Zone is a cost-effective plan that offers MTN Prepaid customers up to 99% discount on all MTN-to-MTN calls! MTN Zone allows you to enjoy huge savings when making calls and charges you just as low as 1Kobo per second when making MTN-to-MTN local calls depending on the area and time of the day and location.

Benefits of MTN Zone
You will enjoy the following exciting services on MTN Zone:
*             Discounted MTN-to-MTN calls for as low as 1k/sec.
*             Happy Hour
*             Start of Call Notification
*             Access to all MTN Value Added Services

How to Migrate to MTN Zone

Migration is free and easy: simply dial *135*1# from your MTN handset to migrate and start saving today!.
I and My friend are together in a location but our handsets are showing different discounts why?
You and your friend are seeing different discounts because both of you are receiving discounts from different cell sites.
Need help with MTN Zone?  Use the following dialing codes to help you understand how MTN Zone can save your money!.

*135*1# send
Registration status:
*135# send
*135*9# send
*135*2# send
Applicable tariffs:
*135*3# send
Cell broadcast set-up information:
*135*4# send
Zone Help:
*135*5# send
Notification Off:
*135*6# send
Notification On:      
*135*7# send
*135*8# send

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to use the comments section below:

Hot!!! MTN ZONE TRICK: Call Other Networks Same Call Rate

Hot!!! MTN ZONE TRICK: Call Other Networks at the same Call Rate
This is a new trick on an old plan.  Many of us are probably already using the MTN Zone tariff plan for decades which provides calls to another MTN number at low discounted rates.
MTN Zone tariff plan allows you to call at low rate depending on your location and the time of call.  You can call another MTN number with as low as 4k/sec or 8k/sec.
However, with this new MTN tweak, you can now call another network with the same call discount.

Follow these steps to enjoy the calls:

You may like to read MTN Zone:  Meaning, Benefits, Tariff andDialing Codes | MTN DATA

1.         Migrate to MTN Zone (if you are not already on it) by dialing *135*1#
2.         Enable cell broadcast on your phone.  (By default, it should be enabled anyway).  This will show on your phone screen the discounted call rates at your location.
3.         You can now call any MTN number at the displayed call rate.
4.         THE TRICKto call a number from another network, just add *555 at the end of the number before pressing the dial button, this will make the number appear as MTN Number to the charging server.
MTN Data | MTN Zone Call Trick USSD Code

Additional Tip to reduce the call rate manually:

This works 80% of the time.  Since the discounted call rate is dependent on the location and time of day, you may have noticed that the lowest call rates is often between 11am and 4pm, however, in highly populated areas or areas with better receptions (especially 3G areas) you may have to pay more.
Therefore, simply go to settings and change your mobile network from 3G/H+ to EDGE, then after some minutes, your call rate will drop.
You can now call the MTN number at lower discount or add the *555 to the non-MTN number and call another network with the same call rate.

N.B:  You don’t have to doubt if this is real or not….Just try it out.  If it doesn’t works as stated above and more….or if you don’t absolutely love it and have more fun using to call at cheaper rate…just let us know through the comment section below.  But if it works great, why not share with others.
 MTN Data is Expensive | See Alternative

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