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3 Advantages of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Compared to S6

We like to compare the seemingly incomparable things: Canon and Nikon, iOS and Android, Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One, etc. But sometimes the choice is not that difficult. For example, is it worth buying Samsung Galaxy S6 if you have enough money to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. As it turned out, the answer to this question is quite complicated.
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1. Technological Effectiveness

       There isn’t a more technological device than Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on the market at the moment. Curved LG G Flex 2 is also cool and technologically advanced, and has an amazing screen. But we still we do not know if there will be any special software in it while Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is already on sale.
       Galaxy Note Edge also has a curved screen and even the amazing S Pen - the best stylus with the best software on the market. However, the software for the Edge screen in Galaxy Note is no good. And the smartphone itself is uncomfortable due to the unreasonable location of the screen lock key and the giant size.

       Choosing between Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge, you should pay attention to the former. The curved screen has a great potential but Samsung implemented it in the best way only in the second generation of Edge phones.

2. Quality Software

       Actually, the second reason is that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge doesn’t have a lot of special software for the curved display, but it is effective and convenient. However, it will be appreciated only by busy people who use their mobile phones a lot. If you do not get a lot of calls and you have enough free time to answer your incoming calls, you won’t even need this special software.

       But your eyes and hands will be delighted by the curve. It’s simply beyond words and even photos cannot show the beauty of it.

3. Appearance and Color

       Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes in green, white and black colors. What could be better than a green glass smartphone? However, to be honest, we advise you to buy a white one because it looks like it is fingerprint-proof!

So, if you want to get a real masterpiece by Samsung, choose Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge without any hesitation!

Advantages of Becoming A Lawyer | Sponsored

It’s needless to say that one of the peak prestigious professions nowadays is a lawyer. Along with that, it is not easy to become a good one – a real professional. But once you manage to finish a University, get your Diploma, and take some valuable knowledge from there with you, a big road will open up in front. Of course, you will need a couple of years of hard working in order to get some practical experience. For this, a good start is a must. It is recommended to visit Jiji: and find your lawyer job opportunity among the variety of options available. Not to mention those numerous internship opportunities provided on Jiji, which will provide you with that precious experience you need to become a successful lawyer.
And for now just keep reading and get even more of inspiration to get a lawyer profession with its numerous benefits.

Intellectual Opportunities

One of the main benefits of being a lawyer is that your brain will always stay tuned. Why so? Because the laws are changing all the time and so you will have to monitor those changes all the time in order to protect your clients’ rights effectively. Be prepared to carry out an excessive work on a daily basis, which will contain much of analyzing, checking, and investigating facts.

Wide Range of Career Options

The range in career options means you may choose whether to become a lawyer in a public or a private sector. If you want to protect the civil rights and you believe that you are capable to bring some improvements to the society, then you must opt for the public sector legal jobs. But if you feel like your perfect place is sitting in the notary office, registering condominium conversions and translated documents for visa applications, then you must feel perfectly fine being a lawyer of a private sector.

Exceptionally High Salaries

There is nothing new that most of the students who choose to study law, first of all, are considering the volume of their future salaries. And they promise to be high. For those starting their lawyer career as a legal assistant the salary starting point is ₦150,000. After proceeding to the position of a legal counsel, you may get ₦250,000. Anyways, the remuneration remains flexible, so you may just go on Jiji, find the company you would like to work for, and negotiate your salary with the employer. Just be sure of your competence and show your willingness to work and learn hard in order to become a valuable member of the legal team.


If you want to find a new favorite shopping spot, you should check out It offers a wide selection of various items and services. Here you can find food for pets, buy clothes, order any service, find a job or an employee. It seems that Jiji can solve all your problems, or at least most of them.
Jiji is a version of a modern market, which has successfully changed the domain of functioning. Jiji has replaced a small local marketplace with the huge one, accessible all over the country. It changed real counters for virtual, for which you don’t have to pay. There is no rent, and all ads are posted for free. Still, sellers and buyers communicate directly with each other, can specify all necessary information or bargain. Just like on real market.
Jiji is a platform where people can buy stuff from other people. Jiji doesn’t sell anything itself. It only creates proper conditions, and it is even more important. This website has become a unique social network, where people are always welcome and provided with unique opportunities. And, as evidenced by constantly increasing number of users, they don’t hesitate to use all these advantages.
For instance, now anyone can look gorgeous with luxurious jewellery. Being a part of Fashion category, it offers gold, silver, steel, pearl and beaded, classic, exotic, handmade, bridal. Unique, exquisite, exclusive. There are necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, chains, wristbands. The selection is more than impressive. Pick something you like, contact a seller, and get what you want, before someone does it before you.
With Jiji, you get the immediate and constant access to over 530,000 adverts. The number of monthly visitors equals to over 10 million people every month. This is what makes Jiji shopping spot No.1 in Nigeria.
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