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The Social network Facebook has finally launched, a new workplace facebook service which is also available for companies to make use of it. The service works like the normal facebook app we use in interacting with our friends and love ones,but this facebook workplace is slight different from the normal facebook, instead of interacting with friends, workplace users interact with their co-company workers.

Meanwhile workplace is facebook,with the reasons of all facebook items and elements are available,to be well clearifide your workplace friends are also your co-workers and also you can join the platform and keep corresponding with them in a normal approaches that is well known to you if ever you have used facebook.


So is now well known to you that facebook workplace is dominated to businesses,resides,search, and chats.many of the post are all back into the office place. integration with signs on Is as good as multi coperation and also offers distinctive features of its cute darshboard analytics,the latter's are
spaces that are shared to some few companies through some workers so that, they can be able to have a good coperation when they have a good adequate initiatives. 

I know right now you will be asking if this facebook workplace is free,actually is not free as you think but if you are a acadamic school, but have it in mind it have a worth of three month free trial, then after the three month free trial expires you now have to afford for it, and the price cost $3 per user for one month which is 30 days in count as much as 1,000 users, $2 between 10,000 customers and also $1 for more than 10,000 customers. and also it comes with unlimited photograph,file,and video storage,and limited group and task coperative coperations, that always monitor instruments and items for the I T groups.


How to Set a Video as Your Facebook Profile Picture

Your profile picture is your representation online and the first image of you a lot of people might see; thus, it makes sense that you’d want to follow advice on making your profile picture perfect. However, if you want to make yourself stand out even more, why not try changing your Facebook profile picture into a video?

Right now, you can only make your profile picture a video from the Android or iPhone Facebook apps, so you won’t be able to do this from the web.
To set a profile video from your phone, open the Facebook app and head to your profile page. Tap your current profile picture, then Take a New Profile Video to grab some video right from your phone, or Upload Video or Photo if you already have a video in mind.

After the video is done, tap Next, then you’ll need to select a thumbnail — the video only plays when people are visiting your timeline, so as not to be distracting to those browsing the News Feed. The thumbnail represents you outside of your profile page. Once you’ve selected it, tap Use and you’re all set up!

The iPhone app has a bit more functionality in editing these videos than the Android app at this point. The iOS app lets you trim videos longer than seven seconds (the maximum) down; the Android app forces it to be less than seven.
The Android app also doesn’t let you mute the video, so you may want to look into a free video editor to mute it on your computer before uploading it via your phone.

Do you like having a profile video, or do you prefer a picture? Let us know if you’ve uploaded a video in the comments!
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