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Ayo Website to Android App
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 Unleash the Power of Mobility:

Transform Your Website into an Android App

Looking to Boost Engagement, Build Trust, and Drive Sales? Discover Our Website-to-App Conversion Service Today!

Unlocking the Potential: Why Android App Matters for Your Website

Explore the Advantages of Embracing an Android App for Your Business Website: 


Elevate Your Business Above the Rest:

Embrace the Benefits of an Android App for Your Website

1.      Unparalleled Memorability: With your app residing on their smartphones, customers find it easier to remember your products and services, reducing the risk of losing them to competitors.

2.        Amplify Trust: Businesses with apps on the Play Store naturally inspire greater trust among users compared to those solely reliant on websites.

3.       Enhanced Brand Visibility: Launching an app on the Google Play Store significantly expands your brand's reach and bolsters its reputation.

4.     Optimized User Experience: Mobile apps offer a more user-friendly interface than mobile websites, guaranteeing heightened engagement with your content.

5.        Amplified Customer Engagement: Stay connected with your audience through push notifications, fostering consistent engagement and interaction.

6.      Monetization Potential: Leverage Google AdMob to monetize your app by showcasing relevant ads to your users, opening up new revenue streams.

7.      Convenience and Accessibility: Mobile apps grant users convenient and instant access to your services, products, or content anytime, anywhere, right at their fingertips.

8.        Competitive Edge: Stand out from competitors who solely rely on mobile websites, showcasing your commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction through the provision of a cutting-edge mobile app.

Take the leap and seize the advantages that an Android app brings to your website, propelling your business to new heights of success.

Here’s how it works:


You provide us with your website URL


Our team of experienced developers will analyze your website’s structure and design a customized android app that’s optimized for user experience.


Once the app is ready, we’ll provide you with the apk and aab files.

We will also submit it to the Google Play Store, making it easily accessible to more audience.


Auto Synchronize


Apps keep itself always synchronized with latest content from your website. All changes reflect live!

Deep Linking


When a user clicks on your website link, they are taken directly to the relevant screen or content within your app. This increases engagement.

Allows External link


Your users may not leave necessary leave your app if they click on an external link. This allows you to retain your customers.

Push Notification

Send alert to users about important updates, events, or offers, even when they’re not actively using your app

Pull To Refresh

 Your users can get the updated content of your app by simply pulling down the screen.

Admob Integration

You can use Banner AdMob ad to start earning through your app instantly.


Addressing Your Cost Concerns: Affordable Pricing Plans Customized for You

Understanding that cost is a significant consideration for website owners, we prioritize affordability. Our pricing plans are thoughtfully designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive exceptional value without compromising your budget.


Check out our affordable pricing with features




Your Branding (

Splash screen

App Icon

Auto Synchronize

Google Play Compatible

Apk and Aab files

Admob integration

Pull to refresh

Auto rotate

Save form data

Allow external URLs

Confirm on Exit


Upload to Google Playstore


Push Notification


#20,000 N15,000

#39,000 N30,000



What you need to convert your website to android app?




Website URL(URL you want in the app)

App Name

App Logo

Short Description of your website


Privacy Policy URL


Contact e-mail


Contact Phone



Get your website converted to an app and gain more visibility, trust and attract more customers for a one-time offer.

Standard Package: ₦20,000 N15,000

Premium Package: ₦39,000 N30,000


Is this a monthly or yearly payment?

It is a one-time payment for either the standard or premium package.


What is the difference between the Standard and Premium Package?

In standard package, the app will not be uploaded to playstore while in Premium package the app will be uploaded to Playstore.


How long will it take for my app to be ready?

Within 24-72 hours after receiving your payment.


For how long will my app be available on Playstore if I chose Premium?

Forever! However, your app may be removed by Playstore if you violate the Google Policy


Will I see my app before it’s uploaded to Playstore?

Yes. You will receive the apk with your custom app id which you can install and test on your phone.


Will my app be automatically updated by my website when I make any changes on my website?

Yes. Your app auto synchronizes with your website and so you so don’t do any work


Can I see samples?


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Introducing PUSH2MOBILE (worth ₦96,000/month): A user-friendly web interface that enables you to send unlimited push notifications to your audience for a lifetime. Stay connected and engage with your users effortlessly by sending push messages without any monthly or yearly subscription fees.

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