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At Last: The Best Alternative To Email Marketing With Over 95% Open Rate That Can Help You Make Millions Of Naira Finally Revealed

I will expose to you a very powerful list building software proven to be the Best Alternative to Email Marketing that can help you get Over 1,000 Subscribers in 2 days.

This software will help you send follow up messages direct to the subscribers messenger so you can sell your products and services fast and make millions of Naira.
The guru’s of internet marketing will never tell you this, its not messenger bots and most of all…..ITS EASY.  Therefore read till the end if you are tired of losing money to email marketing.

Email marketing for me was a mess. I spent over N20,000 running facebook ads so I could build my list for a sexual health product i was selling. After struggling with facebook due to their strict rules as regards selling sexual health products, I managed to pull in 2,000 emails after running the facebook advertisement for one month.

I was excited due to this feat but my excitement fast diminished when i started sending follow up messages to my list via emails.

The click through rate and engagement was so poor. Out of 2,000 emails I was able to pull in, only 400 people were able to click through. Even when they clicked through, the engagement was poor and I was not getting any serious sales.

I was frustrated. They were not responding to my offers, the sexual health products were not moving as I planned and my business cash flow was down by 50% due to the poor sales from from email marketing.

As if this email marketing wahala was not enough… email marketing provider blocked my account with them for using the word “manhood” in one of my follow up messages. All effort to retrieve that account was in vain….my 2000 subscribers all vanished into thin air.


I tried various email service providers and still spent a whole lot of money trying to build my list but it was still the same cycle, poor click through rate, poor engagement and poor sales.

This continued happening until i met a friend who was making millions off selling this same sexual health product using an alternative list building software that worked 10 times better than email marketing.

This list building software helped him send promotional and marketing messages straight to subscribers phones via sms and messenger.

He would add a link to those messages that would lead them directly to his sales or web page where is product was displayed and he was getting sales IN TRUCKLOADS.

He once told me that he made over 100 orders in a week and it pulled in N2,000,000 in sales.

This list building software is so new to the internet marketing industry that only few are using it and they are raking in millions in sales….

I jumped on this software and low sales was history. i was building my list so fast and selling my sexual health product at the speed of light. i even sold faster and made more money than the guy who introduced me to it.

From selling using this list building software, my business makes N5,000,000 monthly.

Are you tired of that low click through rate and poor engagement you get from your email marketing campaigns?

Do you want to build a vibrant list of subscribers who will constantly place orders for your information and physical products and services so you can make a shit load of money?

If yes, allow me to introduce you to…

An SMS marketing and list building portal for smart internet marketers. with this you no longer have to struggle with low click through rate and engagement and will absolutely take care of that.

Now How Does Work? is a phone number list building portal where users can build a targeted list of customers using their phone numbers.

All customers need to do is send a text message in form of a keyword to your ‘longcode’. once this is successfully done you have access to their numbers which you can send follow up messages continually and trust me it converts like wild fire.

For example, if you are selling a health product, you can use it in your sales funnel like…

-FB Ads…..Pre-sell…Longcode Optin….Sales Page.

Once interested customers finish reading your pre-sell and are interested in signing up for more info, they can send a message using the keyword “health” to your “long code” which will be generated. once this is done successfully, you can send them follow up messages that will land straight to their phone messenger or inbox.

Now, How will help you build targeted lists and make a truckload of money in your business?

• is the cheapest and most affordable list building software in the market right now. you won’t have to pay outrageaous amounts of money to continually use the platform unlike email marketing where you are charged in dollars and forced to pay even if you are not making any money…

• easily interact with customers by sending highly targeted foolow up messages that get seen instantly because it goes straight to the inbox and give an alert on their phones. the click through rate and engagement is off the roof and with the right offer targeted to the right audience, you will be getting orders in droves and making shit load of money.

• Very User Friendly User Interface.

• Bulk SMS Messaging that delivers to all Mobile Networks in Nigeria. No DND issue with our corporate SMS gateway.

• You can easily segment subscribers from your keywords and segment into groups in seconds.

“Most off all, it’s quiet new in the market and only a select few internet marketers know about it and they are using it to make a truck load of money, while novices, feed on the remaining sand”

Be part of the movement visit

Now, how can you take advantage of and make cool money using this platform?

All you need to do is visit and sign up as a user. follow the step by step instructions and implement it in your next marketing campaign.


If you do not like the service, you are totally free to cancel it, but trust me, this is the biggest thing that has happened in the internet marketing industry.

Why burn endless amount of money on email marketing when you can invest little to nothing on these list building software and generate sales for your business?

Why suffer low click through rate and engagement when you can enjoy high conversions and roi on

I’m sure you are a wise internet marketer who will take advantage of opportunities placed in front of you.

The ball is in your court.


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