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MTN 5G Router Offerings 

As previously reported by Business Remarks, Ralph Mupita, Chief Executive Officer of MTN Group, has stated that the 5G spectrum that MTN Nigeria has won will usher in a new world of possibilities due to the low latency and applications that will now be available to businesses.

The telecom provider claims that the MTN Broadband 5G Router provides users with browsing speeds and performance that rival those of 3G and 4G.

The Router can also be used to connect up to 32 devices by subscribers. Gaming, superior streaming, data download, and upload, among others. According to the telecom company, online videos and games run faster, smoother, and more realistically.

Additionally, the telecom provider provides a 100GB data bonus upon activation and has a broad Wi-Fi connection range.

Area of Coverage 
According to a source close to MTN Nigeria, MTN fulfilled its promise by beginning the rollout of its 5G network from Lagos and Abuja, with plans to cover five cities within a month. Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, and Kano are the cities.

However, the Business Remarks finding revealed that the MTN 5G service is anticipated to be available at 500-600 locations nationwide by October.

Price and Pre-Order Instructions

The MTN 5G Router will cost 50,000 in Nigeria, and pre-orders will begin on August 23, 2022.

White, black, and yellow are the three colors available for the router.

Due to the fact that not all devices can access the 5G network, MTN has asked telecom subscribers to begin pre-ordering their 5G devices so they can enjoy the high-speed internet download and low latency associated with 5G.

"The marvel of 5G is on the way! Be one of the first people in Nigeria to experience this amazing technology.

On Tuesday, August 23, 2022, MTN posted the following message on its social media channels: "To pre-order our 5G router now, visit" This message indicated that the mobile network operator had opened its portal for Nigerians to pre-order 5G routers.

You may recall that Mafab Communications and MTN Nigeria were awarded the license in December of last year to provide 5G service. According to the terms of the license, the two operators were obligated to provide the service beginning today, August 24, 2022.

Mafab, on the other hand, has five additional months to prepare, whereas MTN is moving forward with its plans today.
Mr. Reuben Muoka, Director of Public Affairs at NCC, confirmed the 5-month extension granted to Mafab and stated that NCC decided to extend the rollout date solely for Mafab due to the company's lack of a 5G network operating license.

"The license for 5G only includes a frequency license, not an operational license. Mafab must therefore apply for a telecom operational license in order to launch 5G services and other telecom services because it only holds a frequency license.
Muoka stated, "Mafab will be able to process its telecom operational license with the five-month extension."


MTN Nigeria is changing the face of Customer Care services with the launch of 5 dedicated Customer Care Whatsapp lines for their subscribers to reach out and get their issues solved. This will be the first time a telecommunication outfit in Nigeria will be doing this.


In a message circulated today, MTN said:
Resolving customers’ queries is now so much easier! Customer Service is now available via Whatsapp on
09033000001, 09033000002, 09033000003, 09033000004, 09033000005

Remember you can reach them on twitter via the MTN Twitter Handle @MTN180 I recommend Twitter for swift response.

Have you try to resolve issues via the MTN whatsapp line, please share your experience via the comment box below.




A tweet sent out by the @MTNNG twitter handle caught my eye few minutes ago, I had to reply and ask if they're being serious right now.  the tweet announced that MTN now offers Unlimited Free Night Browsing from 1am to 5am, which can be used to download unlimited, live streaming or to update windows.  As you would expect, MTN always has a condition attached to mouthwatering offers like this, and this offer is only open to those on MTN iPulse.  So here's what you have to do to enjoy unlimited Free Night Browsing on MTN.  You may like to read: MTN STARTPACK : HOW TO MIGRATE, BENEFITS, TARIFFS AND BONUSES


1.     How to Set a Video as Your Facebook Profile Picture
2.     WhatsApp end-to-end Data encryption: How It Works and What It Means For Users
3.     Infinix Zero 3 (X552): Review, specs and price in Nigeria


Subscribe to MTN iPulse tarrif plan, iPulse is a special call tariff plan for students on campus which allows calls to any network at flat rate of 11kobo per second but your first minute every day is charged at 40kobo per second.  iPulse users also enjoy cheaper SMS rates at 2Naira only instead of the usual 4Naira.


To Migrate to MTN iPulse simply dial *406# or SMS 406 to 131


After successful migration to MTN iPulse, you must spend a minimum of N200 on calls or SMS to qualify for the Free Night Browsing.


iPulse migration still works for those not around campus but at higher tariff of 15kobo per second to all networks after the first minute each day is charged at 40kobo per second.


If you intend to migrate to iPulse just to enjoy free night browsing on MTN, I suggest you do not use your main MTN number.

Use a different SIM dedicated just for browsing, because the daily initial first minute call charges of 40kobo applies to MTN-MTN and MTN-Others Networks.

Examples:  First 60seconds MTN-MTN charged at 40kobo in the day gives you 11kobo call (15kobo off campus) but if you call MTN-Others Network you still get charged 40kobo for another 60 seconds.

Find out more about MTN iPulse at

If this is not a limited time promo, MTN would be the first of 4 major carriers to offer free night and unlimited mobile internet access.

Share this good news with others - Like - Tweeter - Google + Facebook.

Hope this is helps.


Boost Your Business in 2022!!!

How to Make Your Mobile Data to Last Longer

The greatest enemy of subscribers is data depletion. To subscribe for a one-month 20GB data plan, and in just one week, the mobile data is gone without any explanation can simply be regarded as fraud.

Its either unsuspected applications are draining your data, silently updating themselves without your consent or your favorite telecom provider simply pressed the zap button. But for a quick fix today, first of all check if the below applications are in place.

The truth is Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp , YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter sucks data a lot, and here is how you can put them under control from app settings.

How to Manage Your Data to Last Longer

1. Turn off Facebook Auto-play:

Go to your Facebook option icon (the three horizontal bars at the top right corner)

Click on App Settings (Under help & settings)

Click on AutoPlay

Select Never autoplay Videos.

In addition, you can activate the “Data Saver” option

Navigate to the option icon,

Then go to settings & Privacy

Select Data Saver,

Toggle the data saver on.

2. WhatsApp – Deactivate Auto Download:

Go to the “settings” section in your WhatsApp APP

Click on “Data and Storage Usage”

Select Media Auto Download option

Deselect all options under “When Using Mobile Data”

You can also enable low data usage for WhatsApp Calls.

3. Instagram – Use less Data:

Open Instagram options

Go to Settings

Select Cellular Data Use

Then tick Use Less Data.

4. Twitter – Deactivate Auto Play:

Go to your Twitter Profile icon.

Click on Settings and Privacy

Select Data Usage

Set Video Autoplay to Never

5. Snapchat:

Go to Snapchat Settings

Click on “Manage” under “Additional Services”

Tick the “Travel Mode” box

6. YouTube – Limit mobile data usage:

Open the YouTube App

Tap on the profile icon at the top right corner

Select Settings

Click on General

Turn on “Limit Mobile Data Usage”

7. Playstore – Update Apps on Wi-fi Only:

Go to the Google Play store

Click on Menu & go to Settings

Click on Auto-update apps.

Select “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only”.

You also have the .option to choose “Do not auto-update apps“.

Trade and Exchange Your Crypto Currencies With Absolute Peace of Mind and in Safety | AyCrypto Currency Service

WELCOME TO AyCrypto Currency Service
...AyCrypto Currency is a Whatsapp and Telegram based platform for Crypto Currency Trader's

Transactions are always 24/7 from Monday to Sunday.

All crypto currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, steller, USD pax, emco and others are accepted here..........


  1. You MUST have a WhatsApp/Telegram Account.
  2. All transactions MUST be done openly.


AyCrypto Currency Service Telegram/WhatsApp Group Quick Link

Telegram handle:
WhatsApp Link:


Please note, you must avoid Private Message (PM) deals with anybody, even with creator of this group. This is to avoid scammers that clone, always trade with them inside Group as long as it’s either of the Escrow or creator or any of the administrator you can do trade with them inside the group. All other members are unverified and hence you need these escrows before Trading with anyone here so please and please avoid Private Message (PM) deal strictly.

Please take note of the verified Escrow in crypto traders group:
Name: Adebisi Ayodeji A
WhatsApp Username: 07030303316, 08068930609
Telegram Username: @mtndata

Account Details

Adebisi Ayodeji A

Escrow fees to be paid by buyers is N200 in naira

Make sure you send complete coin to buyer before your money will be sent to you by admin on the command of the buyer after verifying payment receive.

Don't fall for clone scammers, always contact the right sellers through their usernames.   

Usernames (Phone number) in WhatsApp/Telegram can never be clone because two persons can't have same username at a time, its your unique identity on WhatsApp/Telegram .

Take note.... who ever transacts outside the escrow and gets scammed is at his/her own risk and the escrows will not be held responsible.


AyCrypto Currency Service on Telegram/WhatsApp Group Link
Telegram handle:
WhatsApp Link:

Best classic movies to Watch this weekend: Amulet, Coma, Rental

The Weekend is here, and I’m sure you are looking towards classic movies to watch. We’ve got some compilations for you today, download them with the provided link.

You are advisable you use the best weekend data plans to initiate your downloads instead of using your normal data plans.

Kissing Boot 2 (2020)
In the sequel to 2018’s THE KISSING BOOTH, high school senior Elle juggles a long-distance relationship with her dreamy boyfriend Noah, college applications, and a new friendship with a handsome classmate that could change everything.

Download it here

Target Number One
Ex heroin junkie, Daniel LΓ©ger, gets involved in a drug deal with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. When the deal goes sour, Daniel gets thrown into a Thai prison and slapped with a 100-year sentence. Then this happened…

Download it here


After a mysterious accident, a young architect comes back to his senses in a very odd world. He must find out the exact laws and regulations of it as he fights for his life and keeps on looking for the exit to the real world.

The Big Ugly
Neeyln has always been the loyal enforcer for crime boss Harris back in London, taking care of problems and people that disrupt his illicit business. When Harris strikes a deal with an old friend — American oilman Preston — they find themselves in the wild hills of West Virginia.

An ex-soldier, living homeless in London, is offered a place to stay at a decaying house inhabited by a young woman and her dying mother. As he starts to fall for her, he cannot ignore his suspicion that something sinister is going on.

The Rental
Two couples on an oceanside getaway grow suspicious that the host of their seemingly perfect rental house may be spying on them. Before long, what should have been a celebratory weekend trip turns into something far more sinister.

You can explore the Netflix Mod Premium app to see some of the latest weekend movies you haven’t seen yet. Let us know if you have any challenge downloading from the app.

POS business a Profitably Business in Nigeria #First Money Agent

You must have been seeing posters of First Money POS Business in some strategic locations in your area but don't know much or how to go about it

Most people askIs it viable? Should I venture into such business?

Well, POS business can be otherwise known as agent banking business. It involves the transfer of funds, withdrawal of funds, sale of recharge cards and bill payments like GoTv, DStv, Startimes, and PHCN Bill services.

This business is an extension of services offered by financial institutions like banks through which customers get convenience. Therefore the fee you charge customers for these services is called convenience fee.

The central bank of Nigeria in a bit for financial inclusion has thrown opens this opportunity. An avenue to create wealth.
The truth is, if you are in a location where no banks, or ATM point, this business will thrive because people will always be in need of money and won’t hesitate to pay the additional minimal charges on top.

Why is it Profitable in Nigeria?

It is profitable because you as the agent will make money from the extra fee charged on every transfer, withdrawal, bill payments and lots more. You must have readily available cash to give out because customers will come more for withdrawals than fund transfers.

What You Need to Set it UP
You can start POS business in Nigeria by getting a HOST. A host is a financial institution through which you extend their services to your customers.

This includes: First Bank, Quickteller, PAGA etc.

Getting POS Machine:

Getting a POS machine in Nigeria is absolutely free of charge, provided you get yours from one of the reputable commercial banks in the country.

In case you’re wondering what the bank stands to gain from giving you the machine for free, get this clearly: the issuing bank makes money on the long term by charging a fixed commission (between 0.25% and 1.5%, depending on the bank) per transaction done through each POS terminal issued.

To get a POS machine from any bank, all you need is to have an account  with the bank.

Note, however, that there are now some other organizations issuing POS machines at a one-time fee.

Location: A location where they are limited or no ATMs or Banks will do. Apart from that, there should be enough room to contain your customers, a furniture divider between you and your customers. Create a place where customers will feel free to carry out transactions.

Get Quality Banner: For your business to be known and the people within that vicinity to be aware that you create such services, you should get a banner with the inscription boldly written “POS Withdral and Fund Transfer”.

Breakdown /Commission Structure of POS Agent Banking Business
                                         Transaction Amount                                Fee paid by Customer

1. Deposit (own FirstBank A/C)

  1- 5,000                                                             N50       

  5,000-30,000                                                     N100     

  30,000-100,000                                                N150     

  100,000 +                                                         N200       

2. Transfer to FirstBank

  1- 30,000                                                            N100     

  30,000-100,000                                                N150     

  100,000 +                                                           N200     

3. Transfer to Other Banks

  1-20,000                                                             N100     

  20,000-100,000                                                N200     

  100,000 +                                                          N250     

4. Cash Withdrawal

  1-10,000                                                            N100     

  10,000-100,000                                                N200     

  100,000                                                               N300     

5 Bill Payment                                                    N100     

Are you into this business already? Let us know what you think.


MTN Who Called
As we focus on providing solutions to you this month we are starting off with this great service from MTN (MTN Offer).  Though, this service has been around for a while but majority of us are not aware, well that’s why we are here, to always keep you informed.  Let me introduce to you the MTN who called me and MTN notify meThe service “MTN Missed Call Alert Service” lets you know all the calls you missed while your phone was switched off or out of network coverage, you will receive an SMS message alert when a number you could not reach becomes available. You will receive a free SMS Message alert with details of the caller’s phone number, date and time of the last call as shown here:
Y’ello! You have 1 missed call from +23468930609 received at: 01:09:20015 12:21:13.
Interestingly both services are free of charge.


MTN Notify Me Service
With the MTN Notify Me Service, you will get notifications through an SMS message when a phone number you previously could not reach becomes available on the network.  An example is shown below:
Y’ello! +23468930609 is now available.  You may now dial the number.
Read Also:

This is ideal for families and businesses guaranteeing close contact with loved ones, staff or business associates.  Other benefits include:
-       Never missing an important call as you will be notified via SMS about all missed calls even while you are roaming your mobile phone.
-       Knowing when a number that was unreachable becomes available on the network.
-       Having a list of missed call notifications from which you can choose which numbers to call back.

MTN Missed Call Alert Services: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get the Service?

-       To activate MTN Who Called, text SET 01 to 100
        Note:  The Cost is FREE
-       To activate MTN Who Called and Notify Me, text SET 02 to 100
        Note:  The Cost is FREE
How do I know if I already have the service activated on my phone?
-       You can check if you already have the service running by texting the word STATUS to 100
How do I cancel the service?
-       To cancel the service, text the word DELETE to 100
For more information on MTN Missed Call services, please visit:

MTopit : Number one Nigeria Top Up Solution for MTN Retailers

MTopit is the unique top up and wallet-based solution for MTN Retailers.


  • MTN VTU, AWUFU, EVD (MTN Wallet), MTN Data bundles, GLO VTU, Airtel VTU, 9Mobile VTU

  • 20% direct referral bonus

  • 10% indirect referral bonus

  • Instant airtime and data delivery

  • 3.00% commission on any airtime you purchase

  • MTN Data 1gb at 450

  • 1.00% commission on airtime/data purchase by your direct referral

  • 0.40% commissionon airtime/data purchase by your indirect referral

  • Instant bank withdrawal at #45

  • N10 commission on bank withdrawal by your direct referral

  • N5 Commission on bank withdrawal by your indirect referral

  • Minimum wallet funding N5,000

  • One-time registration fee of N1,000

  • 99.9% service automation

Use this referral Code During Signup:  Adeb9ff3f


-   What's the different between MTN, MTN Awoof, MTN EVD
MTN - Normal MTN VTU
MTN AWUFU - The *888# (5 times recharge)

If you have any question or suggestions please don’t hesitate to use the reply form below or whatsapp: +2347030303316 we will be happy to hear from you.

N:B: - You don’t have to doubt if this is real or not.  Just contact us and try it out.  If it doesn’t work as stated above and more…or if you don’t absolutely love it and have more fun using cheap data….just let us know through the comment section.  But if it works as started above great, why not inform others.

Osun State College of Education UI Degree Program

Osun State College of Education (OSCOED), Ilesa, Osun State, in affiliation with University of Ibadan invites suitably qualified candidates to its 2019/2020 academic session admission screening exercise (both UTME and Direct Entry candidates). The full time degree program in affiliation with the prestigious University of Ibadan offers highly recognized certificate issued by the University of Ibadan at an affordable fee.

The available courses are:

  • Agricultural Science
  • Arabic
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Christian Religious Studies
  • Economics
  • Education Management
  • English Language
  • French
  • Geography
  • History and International Studies
  • Integrated Science
  • Islamic Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Political Science
  • Primary Education
  • Social Studies
  • Yoruba Language

OSCOED-UI Degree Post UTME Eligibility

Applicants must have obtained JAMB UTME and chosen the university programme as their first choice during UTME

Applicants who recently changed to the university as the first choice institution are qualified to obtain the form.

Applicants who are yet to change to the university but are willing to do that immediately can do so and obtain the post UTME form after.

Applicants must have written 4 relevant subjects to their proposed courses in UTME and scored a cut off mark of 200 or above.

Candidates must have equally obtained 5 relevant SSCE subjects in WAEC, NECO or GCE in not more than two sittings

Direct Entry applicants must be holders of NCE who had also obtained JAMB DE form and chosen the university as a preference.

How to Apply for OSCOED-UI Degree Post UTME Form

Kindly log on to the OSCOED-UI Degree portal via

Click on START APPLICATION below and fill the form carefully.

Submit the form and print the generated invoice to make a payment of N4000 at any commercial bank in Nigeria over the E-Tranzact Payment Platform.

Return the portal after payment and click on CONTINUE APPLICATION.

Log in with your Registration number and surname to complete your application process.

Registration Fees:
Post UTME Registration     #2,000
Portal Access Charge          #2,000
Total                                    #4,000

How to Unbanned Your Whatsapp Number | Solution

Has your number been banned from using WhatsApp?

Some reason's that may lead to WhatsApp Number been Banned?
There may be a number of reasons for an account to get banned from using WhatsApp. Here are a few potential reasons for getting banned.

  • Using modified versions of WhatsApp
  • Doing Spam on WhatsApp (Sending Bulk Messages)
  • Getting reported
  • Dealing in children exploitation
  • Selling illegal products or services
  • Sending malware or virus files
  • Impersonating other users
  • Spreading fake news
  • Spreading hatred, gore, racial comments etc

There could be any of the reason's listed above for a user to get banned from Whatsapp and the most common among the above is using the mod versions of WhatsApp.

Relax JMLWEB INFOTECH is there to assist u get the number back with a token πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
No need for sleepless night contacting Whatsapp Support let do the job for you with a token plus 100% guarantee.

All what we need from you is πŸ‘‡πŸ½

Your Phone Number:08068****09
Your Phone Model: Infinix Hot S
Operating System: Android or iOS
With a Bill of: #5,250

Pay πŸ’°πŸ’³to πŸ‘‡πŸ½


🀳🏽 Send the following info after payment to 07030303316

Sender's Name: Your Bank account Name
Amount Paid: Amount Paid

Sender's Name: Albert Matthew
Amount Paid: 5,250

Your number will be unbanned within 3-4 working days

NOTE: Payment refundable only if not working as stated

Signed ✍🏻
Ayodeji A. A.

24/7 Care Line
πŸ“² WhatsApp: 07030303316


MTN SME is a tested and proven business solution that will always put money in your bank account. The idea we want to share with you is a simple legitimate business model that anyone can apply to become successful in the MTN data business. Be scam-proof!

Without doubt we're leaving in internet generation, people today wine and drink DATA like H20 (water) most especially MTN DATA.

Have you ever think of what you can do and be making 2-5k daily without fraud and stress free? MTNSME DATA BUSINESS is the answer.


Let do this small calculation first before we dive into the biz:

Mr. A bought 10gb of mtn data @ 4,700 he sell

  1. 2gb to Mr. Kingsley @ 1,200
  2. 3gb to Mrs. Roseline Fasola @ 1,800
  3. 1gb to Uncle Johnson @ 600
  4. 1gb to Sister Mary Kay @ 600
  5. 2gb to Bro Fasogbon @ 1,200
  6. 1gb to Anuty Mogbun @ 700

Equal to 6,100

6,100 - 4,700 = 1,400

Let now assume you sell to 15-30 people daily, see how much you can easily make....

Let assume you sell 30gb daily and remember 1,400 on 10gb

That is 1400 * 3 = 4,200

4,200 * 30 days = N126,000

We are here to ensure you have a great time with MTN SME DATA BIZ no matter what the reason you are here.

Lets take you round with our features

  • Simple and easy navigation
  • Subsidize MTN SME data rate
  • Fastest transaction time
  • Purchase of BULK SMS (New)
  • We are Trusted/Reliable/Legit
  • Trademark®1991

��24/7 operation
��Bulk purchase available

How it works: [ How to become MTNSME AGENT and be making 2k - 3k+ Daily? ]

1. Visit
2. Create an Account
3. Fund your wallet

4. Start selling MTNSME at cheaper price
[1gb = 550 or 600, 2gb = 1,100 or 1,200, 5gb = 2,750 or 3,000]

1. Visit:
2.  Login using your register Phone number and Password
3.  Select menu or click here
4.  Two Wallet Funding Method Available
     i.)     Online Payment - Instant
     ii.)    Cash Deposit/Bank Transfer
             Pay via Cash deposit, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking Transfer to any available bank on the site

Start your MTN Data Share and bulk SMS business now. Sign up at
Tell a friend to tell a friend....

For enquiries: Call/Whatsapp/Text [ MTNSME CEO ]:
AYODEJI on 08068930609

Whatsapp Quick Link:

Copyright (c) 2017

USB OTG Cable - 7 Important Things You Can Use it For On Android Devices

OTG is short for On The Go. USB OTG is a standard that enables devices to talk to one another. USB OTG Cable is an important tool to creates a link between your mobile phone and other computer peripherals such as USB flash drive, Mouse, Keyboard, Digital Camera, Game Pad, Card reader, External hard-drive etc.
OTG Cable can do some really clever things and many people have never heard of it. If you don't know your OTG from your OMG, let's discover what it is and why it's so great.
Below are the 7 important things which you can do with USB OTG Cable on your Android Devices

1. Share Battery Charge Between Two Android Devices

For sharing the battery charge, all you need is a regular data/charger cable that you use to connect your smartphone to your PC and a standard USB OTG Host cable. If you do not have an OTG host cable, then you can buy them very cheap from any mobile store or from online shopping sites.

When you have everything ready, connect the USB data cable to one of the phones. Connect the USB OTG host cable to the other phone. And finally attach the two cables together. You will notice that the phone with smaller charge level has started to charge. The charging will continue until the batteries of both the phones has almost the same level of charge.

2. Super-fast Files Transfer Between Two Device
When it comes to Android files transfer, lots will choose the commonly used way, Bluetooth, NFC, USB cable and PC for example. Nonetheless, when using these methods, connection issues always occur. And transmission is quite slow. So, in today's guide, a new solution – USB OTG will be introduced.
USB OTG, empowers USB devices like Android phones to act as a host and then allows other USB device to be attached to them. You can make direct connection between two Android phones/tablets and transfer files between Android via USB OTG. By using USB OTG, Android phones plugged-in can communicate with each other without the need to be connected to a computer.

When it's come to transferring heavy files like game data and HD movies, using an OTG cable is the best way to get it done with a fastest way.

3. Connection of 3G Modem with Android Device
People who have WiFi only tablets or without 3G support might find the need to use 3G Modem with their device to get something downloaded quickly when the broadband is too slow or down. This can be done using an Android app called PPP Widget. As the name suggests, it is a widget, not an app. It is available in the Play Store and it is free.
Download it to your device from here.

4. Using an External GamePad
Playing games on a touchscreen is not the same as holding a real Gamepad or a portable console like PSP. Many game developers have finally realized that in order for their games to be successful, they have to support Android. To really win Android users over, they should also accommodate us hardcore gamers who have OTG cables with the ability to hook up controllers to our devices.
Games like Dead Trigger and Asphalt already support Gamepads, but many others are still touch only. Some will only work well with touchscreen input, like Blek, but action games like FIFA 15, Modern Combat 4 and Shadow Gun can definitely benefit from an external Gamepad.If you have a tablet, you can try connecting your Gamepad with your device using your OTG cable.

5. Connect USB Flash Drive to Your Android Device
Flash drives spent a good amount of time as the number one way to take your files with you wherever you needed to go. As some of that has changed with Android devices and cloud storage, many of us still have those USB flash drives kicking around looking for a good use. USB Flash drive is not meant for your computer alone, you can use it with your Android device as long as you have your OTG cable with you. It’s plug and play with no settings needed. Think about the possibilities: watching movies from your flash drive, moving files around, reading documents stored on USB Flash etc.

6. Connection of a Mouse to Your Android Device
When a USB mouse is connected to your Android Device using a USB OTG cable, a mouse pointer appears on the screen. Click to select and open items on the screen.
The following applies when using a USB mouse on your Android Device:
  • The touch screen continues to function when a mouse is connected.
  • Right-clicking performs the same action as left-clicking.
  • To scroll up, down, left or right in a menu, use the mouse scroll wheel, or click and drag the screen in the direction you want to scroll.
  • To change the mouse pointer speed, go to the Settings menu, touch Language & input, and then touch Pointer speed. Move the slider left or right to achieve your desired pointer speed.

7. Connection of a USB Keyboard to Your Android Device

When a USB keyboard is connected to your Android Device using a USB OTG cable, touch inside a text input area to begin using the keyboard.
The following applies when using a USB keyboard on your Android Device:
The on-screen keyboard is hidden when a physical keyboard is connected.
Some of the key combinations that perform actions on Windows computers also work on a tablet, in most apps. For example, you can Cut (Ctrl + X), Copy (Ctrl + C), and Paste (Ctrl + V) using your keyboard.
To find settings options for the physical keyboard, go to the Settings menu, touch Language & input, and look in the Physical keyboard section.
USB OTG (On-The-Go) supported devices are Sony, Xperia Z, ZL, Z Ultra, Z1 - Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Note 1,  Note 2, Note 3 - Tecno F7/H7/R7/Phantom A+/Tablets - Motorola: Moto G Phone | Xoom Tablet - LG Optimus G, G2, G3 G Pad 8.3 7.0 8.0 10.1 – HTC X, One, One mini, One max, M7, M8 - Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet | Nokia 603 | Asha 300 | C6-01 | C7 E6 E7 | N8 - Google Nexus 5 / 6 / 7 / 9 / 10, all Q Mobiles and many more.
To Buy an OTG Cable
 OTG (On-The-Go) cable is available in the Mobile market. To use this cable with the phone, firstly you need to check whether there is support in the OTG or not. You can check this capability with ” USB OTG Checker” from Google Play Store.

Are you using an OTG cable before? What else have you done with OTG not listed above?


Innovation is the mother of civilization and in Nigeria, no company is as innovative as MTN.  MTN is a leading telecommunication company that is always ready to bring lots of innovations into the industry.  The South African company is known for its bold advert ideas from the days of “mana na boy”.
Recently they launched an innovative idea that will surely will bring smiles to the faces of lot of Nigeria young entrepreneurs.  This innovative idea is the launch of an affordable advertising platform called “CallerFeel”. 

What is MTN CallerFeel?

CallerFeel according to MTN is a status message that will appear to everyone that calls your line when you subscribe to the service in addition is a service that allows you express yourself through short messages that will appear on your callers phone screen when they call your line.  The message will appear as a pop-up notificaton.

What can MTN CallerFeel be used for?

MTN CallerFeel can be used for:

i.          Business Advertisement
ii.         Sharing Status Updates
iii.        Self-Expression
iv.        Sharing Special Moments.
v.         Sharing Special Messages to Specific callers and host of other ways.
vi.        So much more! You can be creative in ways to use it.

For just 30 Naira per week it is a cheap means of telling friends and family about your products and services.  You can also use the CallerFeel service to promote ideas, religious activities and others but they must fall within the term and conditions of the CallerFeel service.

How do I Set Up my MTN CallerFeel?

CallerFeel from MTN can be activate by send ‘REG’ to 50016 using the short messaging service on any MTN line.  Registration cost N50/month (30 days free trial till 31st May 2015).

How do I personalize my CallerFreel Message?

i.    Get Data Cheaply For Ur Phone. Call Ayodeji on 08068930609 or BBM 56378E6D [Press 5 to            get FREE 7 Day Trial]
ii.   CEO! Contact us at B. I. 6 Odo Iro Str. Ilesa Osun State for your Website          Platform and Online Payment Integration.
iii.   Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to my lovely parents!.

To Subscribe, Text REG to 50016 To change your CallerFeel message, test 'Message' to 50016.  Text 'STOP' to 50016 to unsubscribe.


     "Get Data Cheaply For Ur Phone.  Call Ayodeji on 08068930609 or BBM 56378ED"

Response Message From MTN:
     Y'ello! Your CallerFeel has been updated to "Get Data Cheaply For Ur Phone.  Call Ayodeji on 08068930609 or BBM 56378ED" @ No, You have 24 updates to go.

Interesting right? Yes! Let Your Callers Feel You Before You Speak

CallerFeel Subscription plans are:


How to Deactivate MTN CallerFeel

To discontinue the service, just send “STOP” to 50016.

Just let us know through the comment section your experiment.  If it works great, why not share with others.
 MTN Data is Expensive | See Alternative

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