MTN Data plans are too expensive – See alternative

Due to the review in price on MTN SME DATA service by MTN, the following prices take effect from 14th Dec. 2017 untill MTN CHANGES THEIR SME DATA PRICE
Three [3] years now and still counting...You have trust in us not because we sell to you on credit or because our data last longer than direct MTN.
We wish to say a big thank you for always recommending us here and there to your friend and family. And also for providing food on our table via your patronages
Our MTN Three [3] month data bundle validity still remain intact. [1gb => 550, 2gb => 1,100, 3gb => 1,650, 4gb => 2,200, 5gb => 2,750 etc.]
NOTE: Above prices only applicable for Bank Payment: [ Account Name: Adebisi Ayodeji A., Accoun No.: (0151502902 GTBank) | (3045748645 First Bank) ]


Thanks from: MTNDATA CEO

Having any complaint/question, kindly click here to contact us on Whatsapp/Call: 08068930609. Telegram handle: @mtndata Thank you!.
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MTN on Saturday 7th October 2017 change the way some of their data plans work. The 1000 Naira for 1.5GB will no longer work for 24hr. The plan will now be divided between night and day.
AM SMS FROM MTN confirm this earlier today as follow:

Y'ello! From Oct. 7, we're modifying the 1.5GB plan to give you 1GB+500MB bonus only at night (1am - 7am) when you buy or renew. Thank you for choosing MTN

Now the plan is 1GB day, 500MB night.

[How to make over 10,000+ with ALAT by WEMA in just two days, see this simple steps.]

What is your view about this development from MTN.

Update: MTN has also made available a 24 hours 1.5GB plan but at a cost of 1200 naira, I still believe SME Data is better and you can check it out here”.

MTN Discontinues Free Night Calls | Xtra Cool 2017

Top of the day to you MTNDATA Readers, The saying that whatever has a beginning must surely have an end might have just been applied to MTN subscribers, as MTN has finally suspended all free night calls. Now, MTN will charge you at normal rate during Happy hour (12:30AM to 6:00AM) regardless of the amount of airtime you are having at that time. 
The hours of unending chit chat with friends and family at free hours of the day has been brought to an end by MTN.  Recently MTN stopped the TrueTalk + tariff plan and now again they have stopped the free Midnight call. The so called MTN XTRA COOL that have being saving lives, most especially the students. 

I’m sure guys that has being using this free mid-night call will testify how it has helped them in so many ways and also save them from little cash, not only that, it alos helped them to get in touch with their lovers and pals that are far from them.  According to MTN Update recently, they said 

Please cascade to the associates that MTN happy hour call (Free mid-night call) which started October 2006 has been discontinued effect tonight, as directed by NCC. Hence, all happy hours calls will be billed from tonight. Thank you!.” 

Like seriously, it’s a sad news indeed because I’m a victim of MTN free mid night call Xtracool which before now users can make free mid night calls from 12:30am to 4:30am with a minimum of N100 in their balance. Though there is MTN Beta Talk tariff plan, for those that don’t really understand this tariff plan should kindly read my post concerning that and how to opt in for the tariff plan

If I may ask, what do you think you will miss from this suspension or do you no longer make free night call? But whether you like it or not, the memories of MTN Xtracool free night call will surely live in the mind of many Nigerian youths your long.


Do you want to transfer airtime/credit from one sim card to another but you don’t know how? Sometimes it is look embarrassing when the credit is right available but you are left guessing on which format should be used to move it to another line.  Here is a simple post for you on how you could transfer credit from MTN to MTN Networks.  MTN Nigeria is the strongest and popular networks in Nigeria.  Read below on hot to transfer your credit/airtime.

Before you can initiate a transfer from any MTN line, you would first need to create a secret pin.  This secret pin must be known to you alone, and the pin must be for digit numbers.  Anyone that knows your pin can transfer your credit without your consent.


You will need to change your transfer pin from default to a simple and memorable number. 
Note: using Your ATM PIN as MTN transfer PIN is bad.
The default pin is 0000.  You can change your pin via USSD or SMS


*        Send the following command via SMS to activate your new pin 0000 1234 1234 to 777
*        The 0000 is the command signifies your default pin
*        The 1234 in the command signifies your new pin,
*        The repeated 1234 in the command signifies new pin confirmation.
*        You can change the 1234 in the code above to any code that suits you (Personal Pin).  If entered correctly, you will receive a message that your pin has been successfully changed!.


To change your transfer pin via USSD, dial *601*default/old PIN*New PIN*New PIN# then press the send button.  For example, if you want to change your pin from default to 1234, then you have to dial *601*0000*1234*1234#.  If entered correctly, you will receive a notification message that your pin has been charged successfully.


You can also transfer credit from MTN via two means.  The means are USSD and SMS.


Transfer 08068930609 400 1234 and send to 777
Red = Recipient Number
Brown = Amount to Transfer
Green = Secret PIN (usually 4 digit)
If entered correctly, you will receive a notification message telling you to confirm your command by sending Yes to 777.  If you want to cancel the transaction, just send CANCEL to 777.


To transfer credit via USSD, dial *600*phone number*amount*PIN# then press the send button.  For example, if you want to transfer 400 to 08068930609, then you have to dial *600*08068930609*400*1234#.  If entered correctly, you will receive a notification message that your transaction complete successfully.

See Also:  MTN Y'ello Diamond Account How to Open

Hope it Helps!.

If you need any further assistance kindly use the comment box below.

MTN Yafunyafun Cash Promo | text Free to 9004, Over N100 Million worth of Prizes

MTN Yafun Yafun cash promo is an SMS subscription based service which allows you to collect points and will be accumulated towards prize draws. This is achieved simply by topping up your credit balance and playing a free trivia game. The more top-ups you have (in value and frequency) the more chances you have to win higher value prizes. Yafun Yafun cash promo will simply allow you to win millions by just recharging your MTN line often.

You can also enjoy premium based trivia game where you can opt in for various higher value prizes, and another two content services offering dedicated prizes for promotional purposes for a specific period of time.


MTN Yafun Yafun Program involves the following:

Top-up: opting in the program gives you  the chance to win prizes for free simply by performing top-ups, opting-in with the keyword and playing the free trivia game.

MT Premium Trivia Promotional Service: where you can subscribe to stand the chance of winning high value prizes at a premium subscription cost.

Loop (Celebrity Content): dive into the world of local celebrity content which offers exclusive and curated content which focuses on Never-before-seen material & direct feed, from top celebrities.

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Fitness clues content service: interesting fitness information through SMS and through a mobi-site offering rich content. To promote the service, Premium prizes will be used for a specific period of time (promotional period).

To join MTN Yafun Yafun and become a millionaire, SMS FREE to 9004


No doubt MTN Nigeria is one of the leading and reliable GSM mobile network provider in Nigeria.  Recently, MTN Nigeria last year announced a promo tagged Season of Surprise.  It was a month long promo through which subscribers were reward with bonus call credit, bonus SMS and even some were given bonus MTN data to access the internet.  The Season of Surprise promo of using just #50 to get almost N8,000 credit was attractive to us all but it’s beneficial to MTN Nigeria in many ways too.
See also: 

MTN Unlimited Call Rocks Again With Just #50, #200


Since November 2014, MTN have been coming out with different surprises.  We are in the ninth month of the year and I am sure their bag of surprise is yet to be empty.  But before they come out with the end of the year surprise, I will try to look at most of what MTN have offered their subscribers this year and what benefits can they be getting from such gestures.
MTN Nigeria is currently giving credit up to eight thousand naira N4000 and N4800 in two different accounts to selected line for just N50 per day and N200 per week.  Some Nigerians have to try up to three sim/lines before they can get a line that is eligible for the offer.  If you are yet to benefit from the promo, the code for this offer is *142*3*1#.  Some selected lines are also enjoying 100% bonus on all recharge but it is valid till 11:59PM of the day.  More surprise is here with MTN weekend bonus of 100% to be used till the end of every weekend.  MTN Nigeria is definitely throwing more surprises to the party.

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The bonus credit code was originally *567*1# “it was a bonus of N33,600 for just N30 imagine!”.  The subscription code was later changed and also MTN carried out some changes to the promo.  MTN Nigeria has not totally neglected the *567*1# and they are currently using it to surprise some of their customers with Call Credit and Internet Data.  This is again being offered to selected line and the surprise even differs from one subscriber to another.  I was given 1000minutes of call time and some internet data for just N1,500 only with 1 month validity.  Others are given less value for a lesser amount and with 7days validity.
MTN Nigeria is also beginning to increase the value of the data given for each price.  One thousand naira purchase will give you up to 500MB of data “I still believe SME Data is better and you can check it out here”.
Not all the surprises have been very pleasant.  They have surprised a lot of their customers by blocking their main line with little or no prior notice. 
MTN Customers Sim Validation Without Prior Notice
Those that were notified have to queue for hours and some even for days before they can re-register as requested of them.  It is a directive from Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) as we are told; it’s applicable to all GSM service providers’ lines in Nigeria.
MTN Customers Sim Validation Without Prior Notice
One other surprise was that newly registered MTN Nigeria lines were able to browse without subscription early in the year 2015.  Some were even able to share data to other lines without making any purchase of data.  Don’t jubilate; it is no longer working.  If you wish to enjoy MTN internet access, then make a subscription to any of their data plans.
Our Dear MTN DATA Readers, MTN is without doubt the biggest GSM service provider in Nigeria and anything that the company does will always have an effect on the sector.  Again, MTN must find a way to keep customers and acquire new one in a very competitive environment.
It is there a possibility that MTN is bringing out this surprises as a way to keep their customers.  One of the factors that are used to determine the size or position of GSM service providers in Nigeria is the number of action users on their network.  If you want to enjoy the bonus credit offer and you are not given on your main line, you will automatically purchase another line.  Your main line will still be important to you because that is known by your friends, family, business associate and even your bank.
What better way can you now find that allow a GSM operator to keep its customers and increase the number of active lines? Your answer might be as good as mine.
Kindly use the comment box below to join the discussion or ask question about any of the MTN surprise products and bonuses.
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MTN Weekend | Football The Game of Passion

Its the weekend and we all know what that means; FOOTBALL!

This weekend, Liverpool face Newcastle who are fighting against relegation while Man City face Stoke. Southampton will face Aston Villa who have already been axed from the EPL, Arsenal will meet Sunderland and EPL leaders Leicester will clash with Swansea.

Who wins and who loses? What do you think?
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How to Open + Update Your MTN Line Using BVN Details

Has MTN Blocked your Line?  Unblock Now with your BVN.  Late 2015 and earlier this year 2016 MTN has disconnected and blocked the line of some subscribers which they think have not properly done a complete registration.


What will happen when a line is blocked?

A blocked line will be unable to make and receive calls, messages and even access the internet with their sim card.

Initially, the only solution to unblocking/reactivating any line blocked by MTN is to visit their nearest office.

A moment ago, I checked some of their offices in my area; the queue was so long to the extent of causing traffic congestion.

Of late, MTN make public another means of reactivating without any commotion, through the use of BVN.  This can be done from the comfort of your room under 5 minutes or less.   You only need to grant MTN the permission to use your BVN registration details to complete your line registration without stress.


MTN won’t just use your BVN to complete your SIM registration without your consent.  You have to give them a go ahead by sending a command via SMS.

Send “Yes” to 799 to grant MTN the permission to use your BVN to complete your SIM registration.

NOTE:  This only work for the line you used for your BVN Registration

If you don’t have a BVN, you will still have to visit MTN office to complete your registration and activate your line back.

I think this concept will reduce the unnecessary and long queue at MTN offices Nationwide or what do you think?

BLACK FRIDAY DEALS IN NIGERIA FOR 2015 | Black Friday Sales | Deals of the Day at JUMIA+MTN

November 27th 2015 is the day where you get to take part in the biggest shopping experience it is Black Friday.  Jumia has made it possible to enjoy the best of Black Friday deals online by bringing you products ranging from electronics, household items to fashion clothing at discounted prices. Shop online at Jumia and discover exclusive offers, vouchers, special deals and more this Black Friday. It promises to be an amazing shopping experience for all. Stay glued to your laptop or mobile phone so you do not miss out of this exciting shopping event. Looking for the best Black Friday deals? Simply come to our online shop, where you will be spoilt for choice. Jumia promise to bring you an extensive selection of products from top brands at best prices. This is our way of saying thank you to all our esteemed customers for being with us all through the year. Fill your cart and shop away!

Black Friday is also the day after thanksgiving in the United States. Thanksgiving in the USA is always on the fourth Thursday of the month of November and that makes Black Friday the fourth Friday in the month of November. It is the beginning of the Christmas shopping period. This American phenomenon has found its way into Nigeria. Last year, Jumia started that Black Friday sells with a lot of success and that success is bringing more stores to join in the yearly event for the year 2015. Some notable stores that are already promoting the Black Friday are:

JUMIA: The online retailer is giving up to 90% discount on goods for this year Black Friday sales. According to information online, the discounts will be based on the product category. Health and beauty products will have a discount as high as 70% but mobile phones will have just a maximum of 20% discount. See more byclicking this link. Infinix Mobility will release the much awaited Infinix Big 6 during the Jumia Black Friday sales at a discounted price.

KONGA: The main rival to Jumia is coming with 2 days of massive sales for this year and it shall be on the 26th and 27th of November, 2015. Konga tagged its Black Friday sales as YAKATA which means plenty in Yoruba language and it is a sign that there will be plenty of mouth watering offers again this year.  The company will be releasing for sale an android powered device from Alcatel over the period. Click here for all updatesfrom Konga
DEALDEY: The Company is also part of the deal this year with some mouth watering offers. The biggest is the opportunity to drop the list of items you will love to buy and they promise to make it available at a discount. Check it out by followingthis link.

YUDALA: Yudala Black Friday ads are the best this year. For a company that is every young, they are showing signs that they are ready to compete with the bigger boys. They will be having both online and offline sales for the Black Friday this year with the promise of the biggest discount on their products.

Enjoy Massive Discounts this Black Friday
Buy fashion clothing, mobile phones, tablets, electronics, home appliances and more at prices you will love. Black Friday sales gives you the opportunity to get that item you have always wanted at discounted prices. With different payment methods available, your Black Friday shopping will be easy and convenient. You have the option of paying through your Credit/Visa card and our payment platform supports all the top Banks in Nigeria. Shop on Jumia this Black Friday, select Visa/Mastercard or First Bank Naira Credit Card then click on “Complete Your Order”; it’s that simple. Also note thatyou can pay on delivery. Get ready for this amazing shopping experience!!! This is a rare opportunity to get that item or household appliance you have always craved. Tell a friend to tell a friend, it is definitely going to be mind blowing.

There are other stores that will be actively providing discounted products on the 27th of this month. Some will not be online but will only have the sales at the offices and shopping outlets. No matter how the sale is done, get your cash and ATM card ready.


MTN Biz Class, How to Migrate, Benefit | MTN Business

What is MTN Biz Class?
MTN Biz Class is a prepaid service class that provides customers with a combination of Business Headline News and lower call rates for on-net and off-net GSM Voice, Data and SMS targeted primarily at SMEs.
MTN Biz Class, How to Migrate, Benefit | MTN Business

To enjoy the service, MTN subscribers simply need to migrate to the Biz Class service class by dialing *460*3# or text 433 to 131.
Non-MTN subscribers just need to buy a new MTN SIM card and migrate to the Biz Class service class by dialing *460*3# or text 433 to 131.

In addition to the business friendly tariff, Customers will be able to activate other bundles that suit their needs.
ü  Lower call rates combined with Daily Business Headline News
ü  Ability to share airtime for Voice and Data with employees, colleagues and friends
ü  Access to other business-focused bundled offerings
ü  Free Happy Hour calls

     i.        Combines standard mobile services with Daily Business Headline News (a mix of Voice, SMS, Data and ICT attributes)
    ii.        Enables customers move from one bundle to another within the service using SMS short code or USSD by themselves
   iii.        A per-second call rate of N0.40/sec shall apply for the first 60 seconds of the day on on-net and off-net calls for calls made anytime of the day afterward the rate shall be N0.13/sec.


Ø  The migration incentive of N50 is only applicable to the first 10,000 subscribers or within the first 30 day period of introduction (whichever comes first)
Ø  Biz Headline News is based on a minimum subscriber usage of N350 within a 7 day period
Ø  Customers will receive daily Business Headline News on the one week anniversary of for the next 5 working days or weekdays
Ø  Customers will have the option to enjoy other VAS services on this service class
Ø  Other MTN Standard Terms and Conditions for MTN mobile propositions will apply.

Who is it for?
MTN Biz Class is designed specifically for small and growing businesses (SMEs), and well businessmen/businesswomen.

How do I access the MTN BIZ Class Service?
Simply Dial *460*3# from an MTN line or SMS 433 to 131 to migrate to the Biz Class service class and start enjoying the service.

Will I be charged for dialing *460*3# to migrate to the service? No. You will not be charged to apply for dialing this USSD code. Once migration is completed you shall only be charged N100 if you migrate to another service class within 30 days of migration to Biz Class.

Is MTN Biz Class a prepaid or postpaid service?
MTN BIZ Class is a prepaid service

How do I check my balance?
Simply dial *556# to view your balance.

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