MTN Data plans are too expensive – See alternative

It's 4years+ now and still counting...You have trust in us not because we sell to you on credit or because our data last longer than direct MTN.
We wish to say a big thank you for always recommending us here and there to your friend and family. And also for providing food on our table via your patronages
Our MTN Three [3] month data bundle validity still remain intact. [1gb => 550, 2gb => 1,100, 3gb => 1,600, 4gb => 2,200, 5gb => 2,700 etc.]
NOTE: Above prices only applicable for Bank Payment: [ Account Name: Adebisi Ayodeji A., Account No.: (0256512691 GTBank) | (3045748645 First Bank) ]
Thanks from: MTNDATA CEO

Having any complaint/question, kindly click here to contact us on Whatsapp/Call: 08068930609. Telegram handle: @mtndata Thank you!.


Do you want to transfer airtime/credit from one sim card to another but you don’t know how? Sometimes it is look embarrassing when the credit is right available but you are left guessing on which format should be used to move it to another line.  Here is a simple post for you on how you could transfer credit from MTN to MTN Networks.  MTN Nigeria is the strongest and popular networks in Nigeria.  Read below on hot to transfer your credit/airtime.

Before you can initiate a transfer from any MTN line, you would first need to create a secret pin.  This secret pin must be known to you alone, and the pin must be for digit numbers.  Anyone that knows your pin can transfer your credit without your consent.


You will need to change your transfer pin from default to a simple and memorable number. 
Note: using Your ATM PIN as MTN transfer PIN is bad.
The default pin is 0000.  You can change your pin via USSD or SMS


*        Send the following command via SMS to activate your new pin 0000 1234 1234 to 777
*        The 0000 is the command signifies your default pin
*        The 1234 in the command signifies your new pin,
*        The repeated 1234 in the command signifies new pin confirmation.
*        You can change the 1234 in the code above to any code that suits you (Personal Pin).  If entered correctly, you will receive a message that your pin has been successfully changed!.


To change your transfer pin via USSD, dial *601*default/old PIN*New PIN*New PIN# then press the send button.  For example, if you want to change your pin from default to 1234, then you have to dial *601*0000*1234*1234#.  If entered correctly, you will receive a notification message that your pin has been charged successfully.


You can also transfer credit from MTN via two means.  The means are USSD and SMS.


Transfer 08068930609 400 1234 and send to 777
Red = Recipient Number
Brown = Amount to Transfer
Green = Secret PIN (usually 4 digit)
If entered correctly, you will receive a notification message telling you to confirm your command by sending Yes to 777.  If you want to cancel the transaction, just send CANCEL to 777.


To transfer credit via USSD, dial *600*phone number*amount*PIN# then press the send button.  For example, if you want to transfer 400 to 08068930609, then you have to dial *600*08068930609*400*1234#.  If entered correctly, you will receive a notification message that your transaction complete successfully.

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Hope it Helps!.

If you need any further assistance kindly use the comment box below.


MTN Nigeria is changing the face of Customer Care services with the launch of 5 dedicated Customer Care Whatsapp lines for their subscribers to reach out and get their issues solved. This will be the first time a telecommunication outfit in Nigeria will be doing this.


In a message circulated today, MTN said:
Resolving customers’ queries is now so much easier! Customer Service is now available via Whatsapp on
09033000001, 09033000002, 09033000003, 09033000004, 09033000005

Remember you can reach them on twitter via the MTN Twitter Handle @MTN180
Have you try to resolve issues via the MTN whatsapp line, please share your experience via the comment box below.



MTN Do Not Disturb : Meaning, Benefits, How to Deactivate and Dialing Codes

Recently, MTN Nigeria implemented Do Not Disturb (DND) Policy as directed by Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) which has the effect of blocking bulk SMS and other third party SMS from reaching MTN subscribers phone numbers. This policy affects about half of MTN subscribers phone numbers because it appears that MTN has automatically activated the DND Service on many lines even without the owners consent.

Due to this unforeseen event, the delivery rate of our bulk SMS has reduced because persons who previously received bulk SMS no longer do so as MTN has automatically activated DND Service on their lines.

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 To help resolve the issue of non delivery of bulk SMS to MTN numbers with activated DND Service, we decided to educate our esteemed customers and by extention their customers/members on how to de-activate the DND Service on their lines and start getting bulk SMS delivered to their phones.

 As a bulk SMS user, if you notice that bulk SMS are no longer delivered to some MTN numbers on your contact list after confirming your sent SMS delivery status, contact all those on your cantact list or those concerned using the regular SMS on your phone just once.

You will have to inform them to send "ALLOW" to 2442 to disable the DND Service.

To check if your line is being limited by the DND Service if you have an MTN line, do the following:

 Text "STATUS" to 2442 to confirm your status on the DND Service if you are active or not.
Once the above is done, you will get a feedback confirming if DND Service is active on your line or not. If its active,

First, Text "STOP" to 2442 to opt-in. Then Text "ALLOW" to 2442 to de-activate the to enable you receive bulk SMS on your MTN line.
After the above is done, you will then receive a confirmation SMS that you have been "successfully deactivated" from the MTN Do Not Disturb Service.

If the above steps do not work, then, kindly use the comment box below

MTN Solar Lumos Mobile Electricity : Meaning, Benefits, Price in Nigeria

MTN Nigeria Collaborates With Lumos, To Launch Mobile Electricity Solution For All

In a bid to make the lives of Nigerians brighter and more meaningful, ICT giant, MTN Nigeria has collaborated with world renowned solar architect, Lumos, to launch mobile solar electricity systems for the benefit of families and businesses around the country.

MTN Mobile Electricity is now available in Nigeria. According to MTN, to sign up for the mobile electricity package, you can visit any local MTN store with your MTN SIM card registered in your name, a valid ID card and the names/details of two guarantors.

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MTN Mobile electricity saves you lots of Naira on your monthly electricity bills! Choose a suitable plan from the plan options and make small convenient payments from your MTN mobile phone.

Enjoy Appliances You Already Have
With the new DC to AC converter, you can power AC appliances (up to 60W) you already have such as TVs, fans and laptops.

What’s in the Mobile electricity device Kit?
Large 80W solar panel unit and cables
Solar indoor unit
USB mobile phone charger
2 powerful led bulbs
DC to AC converter

How To Activate Your Mobile electricity System
Check that your MTN account (registered to Lumos service) has enough credit; You should always credit your Lumos system for 30 days a month. Please note: this service is similar to a “hire-purchase*” deal. A minimum of 20 days must be paid every month, whether you use the system or not.

Choose a payment plan from the options

SMS your chosen plan to 317. (E.g.) for a 30 day plan, SMS “30” to 317

Get confirmation SMS & start enjoying 24/7 electricity!

To exit send Exit to 317 Choosing longer plans gives you the optimal value for your money!

Share your Experience and get FREE light DAYS

With your help, now everyone can enjoy 24/7 electricity! Refer a friend or family member to join Lumos Mobile Electricity Service and we will give you and your friends bonus airtime!

How To Refer

Simply SMS your friend’s number to 08133134773.* Once your friend completes the deal by joining the Mobile Electricity Service we will automatically credit your account with free electricity. You will receive 14 Electricity days while your friend receives 7 Electricity days.


  1. You can only SMS using the MTN number registered to your Lumos service.
  2. We must receive your SMS before your friend joins our service.
  3. Refer only one person per SMS. No Limit to the number of referrals per day.
  4. Your friends’ MTN phone number must be 13 digits long and start with 234.

For Example: If your friend’s number is 08031234567, SMS 2348031234567 to 08133134773.

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How to Opt Out or Deactivate | MTN Annoying Subscription That Deduct Your Airtime on MTN

How to Opt Out or Deactivate | Stop Annoying Subscription That Deduct You Airtime on MTN
How To Cancel or Deactivate or Opt Out of MTN Subscriptions That Are Stealing Your Credit Yourself.  Whenever you subscribe for any of the MTN services intentionally or unintentionally, MTN will always re-activate/auto-renew the subscription after validity which you may not wish to do and it could be annoying if you want to use your airtime for other stuff.




     So, if you have subscribe for any MTN service e.g MTN Caller Feel, MTN Caller Tune, MTN BB Plan, MTN Play and others and wish to opt out or deactivate it on your line.  Simply follow this simple tutorial.

Here We Go!:

Dialing the code below can help you.
          *123*5*1# reply with 2 to view active subscriptions
Reply with serial number of any active subscription and follow the instruction that is displayed to unsubscribe.

     You can also dial *123*5*2# and then reply with 8 to see list of active MTN play services and unsubscribe from them.

Hope this is help, if yes why not share others?.

How Do I Convert MTN Airtime To Cash?

It is now easy and possible to send and receive payment with MTN Airtime in Nigeria.

You can now convert airtime to cash in Nigeria. MTNDATA DOT COM DOT NG accepts airtime of MTN, GLO and in return gives the sender some% less the naira value.


Through MTN or GLO Airtime Transfer

1.  Call or Add AYO MTNDATA DOT COM NG CEO on Telegram, Whatsapp or BBM (2348068930609  7A7EB007) to place an order.

2.  Alert and state the network and value of card (Minimum is #100 recharge card).

3.  Your request will be processed and your bank details will be requested.

4. Transfer airtime to the number given to you

5. Send your bank name, account name and account number to AYO on 2348068930609

Through Recharge Card Pin

1. Send the recharge card pin and it's value to AYO on 2348068930609

2. Send your bank name, account name and account number to AYO on 2348068930609

WE BUY AIRTIME @ ??% DISCOUNT == Please call AYO on 2348068930609 for the Discount

Payment is made in less than 1 hour of transaction
For GTBank Account Holders Payment is instantly

TESTED, TRUSTED AND CONFIRMED. We buys fast and pay fast.

At Last: The Best Alternative To Email Marketing With Over 95% Open Rate That Can Help You Make Millions Of Naira Finally Revealed

I will expose to you a very powerful list building software proven to be the Best Alternative to Email Marketing that can help you get Over 1,000 Subscribers in 2 days.

This software will help you send follow up messages direct to the subscribers messenger so you can sell your products and services fast and make millions of Naira.
The guru’s of internet marketing will never tell you this, its not messenger bots and most of all…..ITS EASY.  Therefore read till the end if you are tired of losing money to email marketing.

Email marketing for me was a mess. I spent over N20,000 running facebook ads so I could build my list for a sexual health product i was selling. After struggling with facebook due to their strict rules as regards selling sexual health products, I managed to pull in 2,000 emails after running the facebook advertisement for one month.

I was excited due to this feat but my excitement fast diminished when i started sending follow up messages to my list via emails.

The click through rate and engagement was so poor. Out of 2,000 emails I was able to pull in, only 400 people were able to click through. Even when they clicked through, the engagement was poor and I was not getting any serious sales.

I was frustrated. They were not responding to my offers, the sexual health products were not moving as I planned and my business cash flow was down by 50% due to the poor sales from from email marketing.

As if this email marketing wahala was not enough… email marketing provider blocked my account with them for using the word “manhood” in one of my follow up messages. All effort to retrieve that account was in vain….my 2000 subscribers all vanished into thin air.


I tried various email service providers and still spent a whole lot of money trying to build my list but it was still the same cycle, poor click through rate, poor engagement and poor sales.

This continued happening until i met a friend who was making millions off selling this same sexual health product using an alternative list building software that worked 10 times better than email marketing.

This list building software helped him send promotional and marketing messages straight to subscribers phones via sms and messenger.

He would add a link to those messages that would lead them directly to his sales or web page where is product was displayed and he was getting sales IN TRUCKLOADS.

He once told me that he made over 100 orders in a week and it pulled in N2,000,000 in sales.

This list building software is so new to the internet marketing industry that only few are using it and they are raking in millions in sales….

I jumped on this software and low sales was history. i was building my list so fast and selling my sexual health product at the speed of light. i even sold faster and made more money than the guy who introduced me to it.

From selling using this list building software, my business makes N5,000,000 monthly.

Are you tired of that low click through rate and poor engagement you get from your email marketing campaigns?

Do you want to build a vibrant list of subscribers who will constantly place orders for your information and physical products and services so you can make a shit load of money?

If yes, allow me to introduce you to…

An SMS marketing and list building portal for smart internet marketers. with this you no longer have to struggle with low click through rate and engagement and will absolutely take care of that.

Now How Does Work? is a phone number list building portal where users can build a targeted list of customers using their phone numbers.

All customers need to do is send a text message in form of a keyword to your ‘longcode’. once this is successfully done you have access to their numbers which you can send follow up messages continually and trust me it converts like wild fire.

For example, if you are selling a health product, you can use it in your sales funnel like…

-FB Ads…..Pre-sell…Longcode Optin….Sales Page.

Once interested customers finish reading your pre-sell and are interested in signing up for more info, they can send a message using the keyword “health” to your “long code” which will be generated. once this is done successfully, you can send them follow up messages that will land straight to their phone messenger or inbox.

Now, How will help you build targeted lists and make a truckload of money in your business?

• is the cheapest and most affordable list building software in the market right now. you won’t have to pay outrageaous amounts of money to continually use the platform unlike email marketing where you are charged in dollars and forced to pay even if you are not making any money…

• easily interact with customers by sending highly targeted foolow up messages that get seen instantly because it goes straight to the inbox and give an alert on their phones. the click through rate and engagement is off the roof and with the right offer targeted to the right audience, you will be getting orders in droves and making shit load of money.

• Very User Friendly User Interface.

• Bulk SMS Messaging that delivers to all Mobile Networks in Nigeria. No DND issue with our corporate SMS gateway.

• You can easily segment subscribers from your keywords and segment into groups in seconds.

“Most off all, it’s quiet new in the market and only a select few internet marketers know about it and they are using it to make a truck load of money, while novices, feed on the remaining sand”

Be part of the movement visit

Now, how can you take advantage of and make cool money using this platform?

All you need to do is visit and sign up as a user. follow the step by step instructions and implement it in your next marketing campaign.


If you do not like the service, you are totally free to cancel it, but trust me, this is the biggest thing that has happened in the internet marketing industry.

Why burn endless amount of money on email marketing when you can invest little to nothing on these list building software and generate sales for your business?

Why suffer low click through rate and engagement when you can enjoy high conversions and roi on

I’m sure you are a wise internet marketer who will take advantage of opportunities placed in front of you.

The ball is in your court.


Pet Planet International, the one stop hub for all your pet needs, aims to bring information and premium services to dog lovers around the world while, making owning a pet, stress free, has launched a mobile application for pet owners and pet lovers. The mobile application also known as the Pet Planet International app, will cater to the needs of pet owners and pet lovers with a vast array of available services.

Pet owners and pet lovers in Nigeria can now have access to premium pet services from world class pet handlers and vets. This includes purchase of a wide array of pedigree like Terriers, King Charles Cavaliers, French Bulldogs, Dachshunds and many more; protecting pets via pest control, pet merchandising, training, mating and boarding.

There is also a 24/7 online Vet help line available on the Pet Planet International app. Pet owners can reach out to the dedicated PPI Vet staff round the clock and even on holidays. Pet owners will also have their pets and pet needs delivered to their homes whenever they use the Pet Planet International app. A first of its kind service platform pet lovers now have access to the best services for their pets.

To enjoy these premium pet services, pet lovers should download the PPI app on their mobile devices via the Apple store or Google Play store and register as soon as possible, or visit for more information. Pet Planet International is your one stop hub for all your pet’s needs.

ZOTO Recharge App: How to Get Free N1000 Airtime For MTN Glo Airtel

ZOTO is a mobile money and mobile commerce service licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2014. Zoto is the fastest and most secure mobile payment solution in Nigeria. Zoto users are able to perform transactions such as airtime top-up in a secure and convenient manner.
Do you like free Airtime? Do you like online money?

Then the new Zoto app is for you, it is a must have app on your android device. It is an alternative to Sliide Airtime.

I know this app for sometime now but didn't confirm that it is genuine until today when my friend recharge 1000 mtn card infront on my eyes using the Zoto App.

First time i came across Zoto was last year but then, they only give 15% Cashback on any recharge which is somehow poor but better than nothing; so since then i have been using the app sparingly until recently when they released a new update which now guarantees 50% Cashback whenever you recharge your line with N100. This means you get another free N100 plus the one you recharged.  Apart from that, Zoto also introduced referrals which is better than what slide Airtime and other cash rewarding apps offers. Zoto gives you a massive N1000 Naira free of charge when someone uses your referral code or link to sign up.

My friend got an email and notification notifying him of N1000 naira airtime cash directly into his line,without him recharging any dime, How did the airtime come from? it came from his referral link/code.

Use This Referral Code immediately After downloading the AppADEBIA93

Make first airtime recharge [Note: minimum of #50-#100] on Zoto and Claim N1,000

Do you even know you can earn up to 50,000 from referrals, so what are you still waiting for? its time to make money.

So why not start making this cool airtime for free and stop wasting your money buying airtime, Act the app below and start earning some pennies.

How To Download The App:
-     Download Zoto Free Airtime App
-     Use This Referral Code immediately After downloading the AppADEBIA93

Make first airtime recharge [Note: minimum of #50-#100] on Zoto and Claim N1,000 instantly.

Me too like a woof wella, don't you? friend start accumulating money Asap.

You can use the money to buy airtime, data, or even send to friends and loved ones.

How to stop Auto Data Renewal On MTN, Glo, (9Mobile) and Airtel Mobile Network

Data auto-renewal feature allows you to automatically resubscribe for a current data plan without having to resend same USSD or SMS. It saves time and energy in subscribing in the future.  In this article I will teach you how to stop MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, Airtel auto renewal data subscription, and How to stop MTN daily data Plan auto renewal and other network and their Dialing Codes.
The worst thing a network operator could do to invoke the anger of any subscribers, is by activating data auto-renewal feature in order to keep deducting the subscribers money/credit for future subscription to that particular data plan previously activated. Though, it's favourable in some cases but like a thorn to the flesh in some cases.

In the case where it can be a thorn to the flesh is when the subscriber doesn't or have probably forgotten the code to stop or cancel the auto-renewal.

The latest Glo Data plan has benefits in auto renewing of data, where a user will enjoy 100% Double Data on any data plan auto renewed.


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So, if you are looking on how to cancel, stop and deactivate data auto-renewal on MTN, Glo, 9Mobile and Airtel, this article will definitely acquaint you with the simplest methods.

So, if you are looking on how to cancel, stop and deactivate data auto-renewal on MTN, Glo, 9Mobile and Airtel, this article will definitely acquaint you with the simplest methods.

How to Cancel, Stop and Deactivate auto-renewal on MTN Network

MTN auto-renewal happens on any of the data plans. It has two methods in deactivating the auto-renewal: by using the data plan USSD code or generalauto-renewal deactivating code.

To deactivate, stop or cancel auto-renewal on MTN, kindly go to your SMS and send STOPDATA to 131 which is the general method.

Another way to deactivate a particular data plan on MTN is by sending "NO +code" to 131 e.g NO103 to 131 as a text message. The "103" is the code used in activating the data plan.

So, one out of the two methods must surely work and you will be automatically free from the unnecessary deduction of your credit for re-subscribing a future data plan.

How to Cancel, Stop and Deactivate auto-renewal on 9Mobile Network

Thanks to 9mobile for their general USSD code in deactivating auto-renewal of any data plans. It's so amazing and perfect.

To deactivate, stop, cancel and terminate data auto-renewal on 9mobile, simply dial *229*0# and amazingly, your work is done successfully. This means that you have successfully opted out of the auto-renewal.

How to Cancel, Stop and Deactivate auto-renewal on Airtel Network

Airtel also has a special code in deactivating auto-renewal of their data plans. This generalized code to stop any unusual deducting of credit for auto-renewal will definitely help you.

To deactivate, cancel, stop and terminate data auto-renewal on Airtel network, simply send STOP to 141 and any auto-renewal activated on your SIM, will end immediately.


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3.     MTN Made Some New Changes on MTN Pulse Tarrif Plan - See What's New!

How to Cancel, Stop and Deactivate auto-renewal on Glo Network

Glo - grandmasters of data plans, also have a special code in deactivating auto-renewal of data plans. It's simply done via text message.

To deactivate, stop, cancel and terminate data auto-renewal on Glo network, kindly send CANCEL to 127 as text message. That's all.

Voila! You are done with the job in deactivating auto-renewal on any of the best four GSM networks in Nigeria. The auto-renewal feature has merits and demerits, that's why users suffer unusual deduction of their credit while some enjoys the feature.

What do you think about the auto data renewal?  kindly drop your comment using the comment box below:

Infinix Zero 5 Review, Spec and Price in Nigeria

Infinix is a smartphone loved by all especially young folks, reason been that they always give us what we want and they give the best. Infinix as done it again with their latest Zero 5 smartphone.

     The device scoured into the Android market in style after being unveiled in Dubai with a quite eye-catching and attractive body design. The Infinix Zero 5 didn’t quite feature the popular 18:9 screen ratio but the design is nothing short of sleek with improved handling.

In reviewing Infinix Zero 5, I have to give you a quick background about the Zero series. It is the flagship model and it is targeted at a specific niche. The Zero 5 has positioned itself at the premium camera phone everyone should have. It strikes me as a phone built for creatives who love to take professional looking photographs.

These days, it is not only creatives that shoot professionally looking photographs. In the past, most households will have at least one point and shoot camera. It will come in handy when the family goes for recreation or on vacation—to capture memories. These days people simply rely on their smartphone to take gorgeous photos and make videos.

The Physical Built

The Zero 5 is well built—all metal. The one I am reviewing is the champagne gold version with white borders at the front.
Unlike the Samsung GALAXY S8 and S8 Plus that spots their fingerprint reader at an awkward position, the Zero 55 fingerprint reader is at the back of the phone at a position where we can reach it with ease.
Infinix is not claiming that it is a bezel-less phone or infinity display, but the screen to body ratio is just perfect that the screen stretches to both sides of the phone making video viewing and game playing a pleasure. I enjoy watching movies on the Zero 5. More about the audio later.

The Performance and Battery

At 6 GB of ram and 4450 mAh battery, the Zero 5 is behemoth. You can throw anything at it and it will handle it. Unlike some Android phones that lags, crash when you are doing simple tasks like messaging on WhatsApp, the Zero 5 is smooth and fast when in use. Apps do not just stop and crash throughout the time I was using it—reading books, watching videos and viewing documents.

The tank is so full and once you start the day on a full tank, the phone keeps going till the end of the day and you can forget about carrying power bank everywhere you go.
The only worry which is not a worry at all is the size of the phone, aha! You will find it hard fitting in your pocket without having a bulge. But, what is the value of a phone that’s so pretty, but end up dead at noontime? It is like the saying that a living dog is better than a dead lion. Go figure. Thinking of it, the phone is not ugly, just large enough as a capable display to view documents, watch videos and play games.


The rear dual camera is 12 MP wide-angle lens + 13 MP telephoto lens. While the front selfie camera is 16 MP four-in-one. The rear camera will take pictures that will make someone ask what photographer or what camera shot this. Tell them the Zero 5 Shot it! The portrait mode even makes for a better photo that looks like you shot the image using a 1M Naira lens—yes, there are professional camera lens that cost that much.

Here is a image shot below and be the judge yourself.
If you are selling on Instagram or online anywhere, on a low budget to purchase a professional camera, you can use the Zero 5 and get an image that is absolutely stunning. Another plus, the Zero 5 has a manual mode. You can choose your ISO and other settings. Aha!


The Zero 5 Spots Android 7.0 Nougat based on XOS 3.0—the Infinix customized XOS that wins with users and get Infinix competitors jealous. You can tap on the far-left option keys and hold on to it for a few secs to activate it. But note, not all apps support split screen.

The split-screen feature will come in handy when you want to keep watching a video on YouTube and check twitter at the same time.


The Zero 5 ticks so many boxes and I will strongly recommend it to those who want a fantastic professional camera smartphone, with a large enough display to watch movies, view documents and play games and those who don’t mind a huge phone and wants a fast and efficient phone. The 6gb RAM is a huge plus for Android users as well it helps to multitask and load heavy apps.  If you worry about size, then the 5,98 displays of the Zero 5 is not for you.

The Zero 5 is still selling in the market for N106,000.
Full Specification.
2G Network
GSM: 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
3G Network
WCDMA: 2100 MHz (900/1700/1900/2100 MHz for LATAM)
4G Network
Yes, LTE (Global Support)
Dual Micro SIM (Dual Standby)
Launched: November 2017
  mm– Weight: -g
Gold, Matte Black and Apple Red
FHD IPS, multi-touch touchscreen with 16m colors
5.98 inches, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 368 Pixels Per-square Inch
Card slot            
MicroSD, up to 2TB
64GB or 128GB
Android 7.0 Nougat (with XOS V3.0)
– Octa-core 2.6 GHz CPU
– Mediatek Helio P25 chipset
– Mali GPU
Alert types         
Vibration, MIDI, MP3 ringtones
Audio port         
3.5mm jack
GPRS – up to 85.6 kbps; EDGE – up to 236.8 kbps
Up to 42.2 mbps downlink; Up to 11.5 mbps uplink
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi direct
Version 4.2, A2DP
Type-C (with OTG support)
12 MP and 13 MP, auto refocus, 10x Super Zoom and single-LED flash– FEATURES: Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama, auto-HDR
16 MP Camera with single Selfie Flash
4350mAh Li-Ion non-removable battery
Talk time           
Music play

Accelerometer, Proximity, Compass, Rear Fingerprint and Light sensor
SMS, MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM
– FM radio
– Quick charge tech
– MP3/AAC+/WAV/Flac player

– MP4/H.264 player
– Photo/video editor
– Document viewer

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